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Going Where Microsoft Employees Have Gone Before

Going Where Microsoft Employees Have Gone Before

You always knew that the perks of working at Microsoft’s Redmond campus were good. But how about a special screening of the new Star Trek movie?

That’s what happened on Friday, according to the Seattle Times. Rick Rashid, senior vice president for the division, took the entire Microsoft Research group to see a special screening of Star Trek, the newest movie in the long-running franchise. It’s become a tradition for him to do this whenever a new movie in the series is released.

According to company spokesman Lou Gellos:

"Indeed some of our Microsoft researchers boldly went where only a few had gone before."

Still, Redmond has a love of all things Trek, with one of the Microsoft entertainment and devices offices featuring a light-up bead curtain with the images of the original Kirk and Spock. Tacky perhaps, but whoever said techies had to have taste?

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