YouTube to open ‘creator space’ in London with state-of-the-art gear for video makers

google announces youtube studio plans for london creator spaceSeven years ago YouTube launched with a video of one of its founders accurately describing elephants as having “really, really, really long trunks.” Thankfully, the site has come a long way since then.

All manner of material can now be found on the video-sharing service, from short, blurry, nonsensical snippets to full-scale productions by professional broadcasting outfits. And the amount of material uploaded to the site is mind-boggling, with an hour’s worth of video arriving on YouTube’s servers every single second.

YouTube, bought by web giant Google in 2006, is clearly keen to go on developing the site as it searches for increasing ways to generate revenue and beat down the competition.

Space for creators

Its latest initiative involves helping YouTube content producers who’ve gone beyond the ‘look at this video of my cat playing with a ball of string’ stage and are now moving towards more sophisticated pieces which could perhaps do with a leg-up in terms of production values.

“It is amazing to think that some of the most successful creators on the platform, with millions of views, use little more than their bedrooms, a webcam and any props they can lay their hands on to produce compelling videos and build a global fanbase,” Sara Mormino, director of YouTube content operations and Next Lab, wrote in a post on the company’s Creators blog.

Mormino announced that in the next few weeks Google’s Soho offices in central London would be opening up a new creator space, available to video makers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Realizing that this geographical area covers well over a billion people, the organizers behind the new space have decided to make its facilities available only to YouTube partners. Yes, anyone can become a partner, but you’ll need to have already created a buzz with your videos before you’ll be accepted into the program. Partners are able to get paid for their content through ads shown before or during their videos.

google announces youtube studio plans for london yt creator space

Video makers will be able to book time in the creator space, which will feature two studios incorporating state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, broadcast-quality HD cameras, and professional editing suites. The space will also give creators the chance to collaborate and share ideas, Mormino said.

Lectures and workshops will be given by those who’ve already established themselves on YouTube, giving newbies the opportunity to get some ideas on how to produce better videos and drive more traffic to them.

The new space should be a great chance for content creators to get their hands on some cutting-edge equipment and pick up some tips and tricks from those already in the game, while Google will be hoping the quality of YouTube’s content will be taken up a notch, resulting in more traffic and, you got it, more advertising revenue. Well, you weren’t thinking it was doing it out of the goodness of its heart, were you?