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Wildly entertaining Google Feud game will put your knowledge of popular searches to the test

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Google’s autocomplete search suggestions can be pretty hilarious — Sometimes they’re even the stuff of Buzzfeed posts. Well, now you can test how well you know Google search with a brand-new game called Google Feud.

Just like the infamous show Family Feud, Google Feud pits you against the world, as you’re given three chances to guess how Google search would autocorrect the query that’s begun in the search box. You can choose between a number of subject categories, including, people, culture, names, and questions.

As on Family Feud, you need to guess the top ten most-Googled answers to continue on to the next round. Each wrong answer will earn you a red “x” and after three strikes, you’ve lost that round. The answers are super specific, too, so if you’re off be even one word, you’ll get a red “x.” We’re not exactly sure what happens if you win, but no doubt the autocomplete challenge just gets harder from there on out.

So far, we’ve learned a lot about the state of humanity and the things that concern people most. Apparently, many people on the Internet think their moms are either cheating on their dads or getting pregnant. The Internet also thinks tattoos are sinful and trashy, Tom Hanks is a lot of animals or maybe Forrest Gump, and really wants to know if pigs can eat dog food.

If you’d like to try your hand at reading the Internet’s mind, just go to the Google Feud site and play the game. Be warned: Google Feud could very well take up your entire lunch break!

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