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Google Number One Brand In The UK

It seems that Google has really arrived. The BBC has reported that a UK survey by research company Superbrands has determined that the Internet giant has been rated the top brand in the UK. In second place is Microsoft, with BP and the BBC coming third and fourth.   He aim behind the survey is to establish which brands enjoy the best reputation, and which, according to Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the Superbrands Council, have "established the finest reputations in their fields and make the most impact on the UK business sector."   To come up with the results, Superbrands surveyed 1500 professionals and also consulted what it called a council of senior business leaders.   Last year the BBC had the top spot. Of the companies listed, Google is the only one to have been established after 1990; in fact, the average age of the top 50 companies is 90 years old.

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