Google rolls out lots of new Maps and Earth imagery for 224 cities and 108 countries

google rolls out lots of new maps and earth imagery for 224 cities 108 countries 3dGoogle is continuing to forge ahead with improvements to its Maps and Earth offerings with what appear to be increasingly frequent updates to its already enormous database of high-resolution imagery.

The news came in a post on the company’s Lat Long blog on Friday, with 164 cities around the world and 108 countries/regions getting new aerial and satellite imagery.

Locations given a makeover include Seattle and its iconic Space Needle landmark, and Linz in Austria, with new imagery featuring the city’s acclaimed Bridges in the Sky art installation.

Forty-five-degree imagery featured in Maps has been introduced for 40 additional US cities and 20 more around the rest of the world, with Luxembourg and locations in Romania included for the first time. Thun Castle (above) in Switzerland now appears in Maps in all its 3D glory, a striking structure built almost a thousand years ago.

Satellite imagery updates have been introduced for a slew of locations from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. Make no mistake, the list of places that have received updated and new imagery for Maps and Earth is long, very long – hop over to Google’s post here if you fancy trawling through it.

In other Google Maps-related news this week, the Mountain View company is reported to be close to submitting its new Maps app to Apple’s iOS store. Its former Maps software was kicked off Apple’s mobile platform with the launch of iOS 6 in September and replaced by the Cupertino company’s own, much criticized, Maps software. With Apple’s offering still far from perfect, many owners of iOS devices are very much looking forward to hitting the ‘download’ button on their iPhone to get Google Maps back. Although first it has to be accepted into the iOS store, of course.