Google Street View updates New Orleans imagery post-Hurricane Katrina

Updated New Orleans Google Street View

It has been seven years since Hurricane Katrina devastated much of New Orleans, and several bloggers and then-Louisiana Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu have all repeatedly pushed Google to update the city’s street view to depict its rebirth after the disaster. Today, Google’s Lat Long blog finally announced the new set of images are ready for online viewing, showing off revitalized playgrounds, art sculptures, roads, community centers, and more.

“The Street View imagery in Google Maps, which has just been updated today, more accurately reflects the major construction and renewal that’s underway,” writes Landrieu, now Mayor of New Orleans. He also notes that these changes “show the rest of the world that New Orleans, and all of Louisiana, are not just rebuilding what was, but we’re also preparing for our future by building back stronger and better than before.”

If you’ve ever spotted a Google Street View car before, you’ll recognize the colorful, goofy vehicle with a giant camera ball on top, snapping photos from every angle to help Internet citizens see the world in the most accurate fashion. Clearly, to New Orleans, this seemingly silly car isn’t just a sight to get excited over, but a symbolic tool that marked the city’s steps forward from its long-battled struggles.

In the new Street View photos, viewers can catch a glimpse of the beautiful Louis Armstrong Park, complete with statues representing the city’s homage to jazz. 

Other refreshed images include sites at Tulane UniversityWoldenberg ParkAudubon Park, and Lafayette Square. Sports fans can also attempt to preview the ongoing construction at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as the city preps the upcoming 2013 Super Bowl set to take place there in February.

“Beyond the refreshed, more accurate Street View imagery you can see in Google Maps, you can also sense the incredible spirit of the people who have made our recovery possible,” Landrieu states. “We invite you to take a look at the updated Street View imagery of Louisiana to see, appreciate, and celebrate the progress in neighborhoods here in New Orleans and across the entire state.”