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It's back! YouTube video showing Note 7 blowing up cars in 'GTA V' is restored

GTA 5 MOD - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Bomb)
One of the more humorous developments from the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle was the introduction of a Grand Theft Auto V mod, which added the phone to the game as an explosive device. Samsung did not seem to like that though, it had the video taken down for copyright reasons but YouTube has since restored it.

The Galaxy Note 7 might be well known at this point for burning people’s trousers, nightstands, and vehicles, but in the world of Grand Theft Auto they are far more dangerous. There, modders turned the little handset into an explosive device as effective as any grenade in the game. In the videos posted, residents of the fictional Los Santos can be seen being blown to smithereens by haphazardly thrown Note 7s like it is the smartphone apocalypse.

While the video showcased above might give you a great insight into that wanton destruction, it was not easy to find it over the past 24 hours or so once Samsung had it taken down. Clearly seeing that it was not infringing copyright — and perhaps partly because of the large backlash — YouTube made the video available again.

The video in question was uploaded by Modded Games, who felt that the takedown was illegitimate. They contacted YouTube, pointing out that other videos showing similar content were also available on the site and that their video contained no copyright-protected content.


In a turn of events that seems positive for a discussion on copyright, YouTube agreed with the account holder and restored the video. While Modder Games also contacted Samsung for a response, a reply has yet to be received.

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