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Hackers Fight Scientology

To most of us, Scientology is the books of founder L. Ron Hubbard or perhaps the declarations of one of its most famous converts, actor Tom Cruise. It hasits fans and it also has plenty of enemies.   The group simply calling itself Anonymous is definitely in the latter camp. According to Vnunet, they’vedeclared war on the Church of Scientology, going so far as to set up a page on Wikipedia to help draw in recruits as well as launching denial of serviceattacks against the Scientology website.   What motivated them? That by-now infamous video of Cruise talking about Scientology. At the request of the Church, most video-sharing sites have pulledit, but you can still see it on Gawker. That prompted the beginning of Project Chanology.   "Project Chanology was coined as a description of the ‘covert’plan, the main goal of which is to enlighten the Church of Scientology by any means necessary," the Anonymous group declared on its site. "This will be a game of mental warfare. It willrequire our talkers, not our hackers. It will require our dedicated Anon across the world to do their part."    There are rumors they briefly took down the Scientology site, butnothing has been confirmed.