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Has Facebook Peaked In The UK?

Has Facebook Peaked In The UK?They’re predicting gloom and doom, and that Facebook may well have passed its peak in the UK. Why? Because, according to a Nielsen survey, in December the number of unique visitors the social networking site received felling from 8.9 million to 8.5 million – figures that comeafter 17 consecutive monthly increases.   In the same period, MySpace UK also experienced a downturn from 5.3 million visitors to 5.1 million.   Inother words, neither of them is hurting, and together they’re still responsible for more than 80% of the social networking market.   But the speculation is that the fact that mainstreamfigures now have Facebook pages means it’s getting past its sell-by date, and other, hipper social networks will see a rise as the young look for something not adopted by the mainstream.  Or it could simply be that the holiday season meant that people had other things to do.  

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