Hack Pandora with this arsenal of Chrome extensions

New-Pandora-RadioIf you are in the habit of playing music while working on your computer, chances are, you’re one of  Pandora’s more than 35 million listeners. It’s pretty awesome as it is – you can easily search for any song, album, or artist and listen to a stream of tunes similar to them without needing to access your own iTunes music library. 

However, much like any music service, Pandora still relies on user feedback to improve its intelligence. Users need to thumbs up or thumbs down tracks as they play in order to improve the relevance of the succeeding songs, and they also need to interact with the website once in a while to let it know it’s still in use. Besides that, there’s no real way to listen to a specific track on Pandora, the way you can on Spotify.

In order to enhance your Pandora experience, here’s how you can do that by utilizing a couple of Google Chrome extensions:

Transport your Pandora playlists to Spotify

Pandora is great when it comes to providing songs you probably have never heard of before and is leagues better at it than Spotify. On the other hand, Spotify is direct enough in its ability to provide you what you want by letting you listen to the specific track you searched for, instead of building a playlist around it the way Pandora does. If Pandora and Spotify had a baby, it would be this extension. Yes friends, this process is entirely possible, and very easy through the Google extension aptly named Pandora To Spotify Playlist Converter.

After you install the extension, head on over to Pandora and sign into your account. Visit My Profile and click Likes.

pandora to spotify - likes

Click on Show More to see all your favorite Pandora songs. If you’re generous with the thumbs up button, you may have a ton of tracks listed, so you will need patience if you want all of those to be transported to Spotify – I have 616 liked tracks total, but I settled for just 129 for this playlist. After you’ve displayed all the songs, click the Pandora to Spotify Playlist Converter button and copy the text.

pandora to spotify - generate playlist

Head on over to Spotify and hit the New Playlist button. You can either drag the text from Chrome into your new playlist or highlight the code, hit CTRL+C to copy and then CTRL+V to paste into the new playlist and voilà, you’ve got access to your Pandora tracks within Spotify.

pandora to spotify - new playlist

Stop Pandora from asking you if you’re still listening

Pandora wants you to visit the site every so often to ensure that you’re still using the service, which can get annoying especially if you’re in the middle of some important task. It’s a good thing the Chrome extension Pandora Listener exists – all it does is tell Pandora to shut up and quit bothering you with a question that has a pretty obvious answer. It doesn’t get rid of the ads that are inserted in between some songs, but at least the music won’t stop.

Control Pandora without having to manually visit the site

If you want to completely eliminate the need to go to the Pandora site after launching your radio station, you can: SoundControl for Pandora is a Chrome extension that gives you easy access to Pandora’s music player panel without the need to visit the Pandora tab on your Web browser. This is especially useful for users who don’t have access to media keys on their keyboard.

After installing SoundControl for Pandora, right click on the new Play button up top and click Options.

soundcontrol options

You will be brought to a page that reveals a lot of preferences you can tinker around with. You can set the number of clicks you want to press to Play/Pause, Skip track, Thumb up track, Thumb down track, Toggle tab, and Mini Player. Activating control for Mini Player automatically brings up an option for Cancel Mini Player. You can enable song notifications and choose the duration. You can also enable art on the button.

soundcontrol options 2

Note that the Skip “still listening” option is also available through this extension, so if you decide to install this, you won’t need Pandora Listener anymore. You can also mute ads so you won’t have to hear the unnecessary noise.

soundcontrol options playlist

When you access the Mini Player, you can quickly access all your Pandora playlists as well, allowing you to switch with ease at any given time without the need to leave the Web tab you’re currently on.

Use your phone to control Pandora while away from keyboard

Want to be able to control your Pandora station even when you’re in the kitchen, the office pantry, the bathroom? You can if you use the Chrome extension Pandora Remote along with de Mobo, a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. To get it to work properly, make sure that both your computer and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. After you install both, connect the two by either scanning the QR code on the extension with your phone’s camera or shaking your phone while hitting the Enter key on your laptop.

de mobo connection

When it connects properly, you will see your current Pandora station on your phone.

de mobo