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Identities Just $120 Online

Identities Just $120 Online

Go to the right place online and you can get a complete ID package on people – names, addresses, passport numbers as well as financial data including credit card numbers – for just $120.

That’s the disturbing news released by Get Safe Online, a joint group of police, banks and government, regarding online identity theft. And given the online marketplaces in countries with very little regulation, those identities are very easy to buy.

The BBC was able to obtain information from the Serious Organized Crime Agency showing that data was sold from as little as $7 per piece, which included credit cards numbers and magnetic strip information, to $120 for a full package.

Tony Neate of Get Safe Online said:

"Online criminal activity can be a sophisticated business, but each of us can take steps to prevent ourselves from becoming a victim. If internet users invest a relatively small amount of time and money in ensuring they are fully protected and up-to-date, the risk of such financial loss is almost negligible."

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