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Invisible.im wants to be a spy-proof chat system for whistleblowers

invisible im wants spy proof chat system whistleblowers anonymous
A group of security experts have joined forces to create a secure, spy-proof instant messaging platform that the team hopes “will become the de facto standard for instant message conversations on the Internet.” Called Invisible.im, the independent software platform is being developed specifically for “whistleblowers and media sources who wish to remain anonymous” according to the project website.

At this stage there are no apps or interfaces to speak of, and the group is looking for developers who can get the idea up and running on Windows, OS X and Linux. Experts in anonymous networks are also being sought to help move the concept forward. While other similar projects are in the works, those behind Invisible.im say they want to create a superior product that doesn’t require third-party platforms and which is as simple to use as possible.

“Anonymous communications between journalists and sources have become extremely difficult,” reads the Invisible.im FAQ list. “Invisible.im makes it possible for any member of the public to communicate with a journalist (or indeed, anyone) without leaving a retrospectively recoverable forensic trail behind on third-party servers.” At the same time, the developers point out, it doesn’t offer a 100 percent level of protection — particularly if those involved are already under surveillance.

Invisible.im’s long-term goal is to give those who have information to share a way to do it privately and securely without being traced, and without needing any specialist technical knowledge to get connected. The team is also considering adding a help bot to the system that will put whistleblowers in touch with relevant journalists and public interest groups.

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