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Judge Set To Overturn Conviction Of MySpace Bully

Judge Set To Overturn Conviction Of MySpace Bully

It looks as if Lori Drew, the Missouri woman accused of cyber bullying a teenage girl on MySpace who later killed herself, will walk free. 

She supposedly posed as a teenage boy on the social networking site and developed a relationship with 13-year-old Megan Meier, before dumping her with the words "the world would be better off without." Meier committed suicide. 

Drew, 50, was found guilty of illegally accessing computers, but Judge George Wu has indicated he’s tentatively acquitting her, saying: 

“If Drew were convicted for breaking the social networking site’s terms of service, "you could prosecute pretty much anyone who violated terms of service." 

Drew initially went on MySpace, assuming the identity Josh Evans, to see if Meier was spreading rumors about her daughter. From there Evans developed a relationship with Meier, then staged an argument and the dumping that reportedly led to the suicide.

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