Kim Dotcom denied bail due to flight risk

kim-dotcomMegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom won’t be able to reclaim his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 title any time soon.

Citing a potential flight risk, a judge in New Zealand denied bail for Dotcom this morning, leaving the file-sharing site’s flamboyant creator to sit in jail until his February 22 trial. Dotcom is currently being charged with copyright violation, money laundering, and conspiracy in New Zealand, and has various other charges alleged against him by the U.S. government, which hopes to extradite him.

While Dotcom’s attorney suggested that his client’s frozen assets and family ties in New Zealand prevented any risk of flight, the judge indicated that the presence of an unregistered firearm and bank accounts under multiple aliases implied a connection to criminal elements that could aid Dotcom’s flight.

There’s still no word on when — if ever — the U.S. will be able to extradite Dotcom for trial on the more serious charges he’s facing on American soil, but one thing seems certain: the #1 spot in Modern Warfare 3 is up for grabs.

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