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Man Sells "Entire Life" On eBay

You can find a lot of strange things up for bids on eBay, but how about an entire life? That’s what Ian Usher was selling, however. The Briton, who moved to Perth, Australia, six years ago, had his “entire life” up for bids on the auction site, in hope of raising enough money to make a fresh start after spltting with his wife of five years, realizing everything he owned reminded him of her.

And what makes up Usher’s entire life? Well, up for grabs was his three-bedroom house, car, motorcycle, jet ski and more, including an introduction to his friends, and a two-week trial at his job selling rugs.

At one point the bidding had soared to $2 million, but once a registration system was begun, a lot of hoax bids were eliminated, and when the auction closed yesterday, the top bid was right around $386,000.

After bidding closed, Usher told the BBC:

"I am relatively pleased but I thought it would go a bit higher, if I’m honest. But I’ve no regrets. What’s done is done and I’m looking forward to sorting this all out. I’ve got some ideas. Once it’s finished and confirmed, I’d like to do some travelling. I’d like to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, it’s one of a huge list of things I want to achieve."

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