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Microsoft Is The Top U.K. Brand

Microsoft Is The Top U.K. Brand

Last year Microsoft, in the annual 500 Superbrands survey, lost its title as top consumer brand to UK to Google. But now the results for the last 12 months have arrived, and Microsoft has regained its crown.

A panel of experts and some 2,000 consumers considers around 1,400 brands. Stephen Cheliotis, chief executive of the Centre for Brand Analysis, the company that performed the research for Superbands UK said:

"This year’s survey reaffirms some of the downturn’s winners and losers, with fast-food chains and supermarkets doing particularly well."

But tech companies were the ones who did very well. Apart from Microsoft as number one, Google still did well at number three, and Apple crept into the top ten at number 9.

And the highest new entry for fast food? That honor belongs to Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

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