Modular sleep pods invading 2012 Olympics’ data centers

pod timeOn-site sleep pods are coming to the 2012 Olympics, courtesy of London-based Podtime, in anticipation of the high density traffic jams the Olympics will draw.

Interxion, a data center company with 28 data centers all over Europe, has decided that it wants assurances critical staff will be able to manage its Olympic agreements. So it requested a number of these sleeping pods for engineering staff to relax, power nap or stay overnight, right next to the servers they will be managing.

There’s bound to be a mass of patrons causing an online traffic swell at the Olympics, and Interxion wants to keep its “highly resilient infrastructure” running running smoothly during the Games. Bumper-to-bumper delay, or overloaded mass transit can be bypassed with the pods, and engineers can stay on site 24/7 if need be—ensuring no gaps in service.

“Due to the nature of our business we need to be ready for all eventualities,“ said Interxion’s UK Manging Director, Greg McCulloch. “ While we are excited to have the Olympics in London we need to be sure that we can continue to offer the highest level of resilience to our customers. The installation of the sleeping pods is another great example of Interxion putting resilience and uptime at the forefront of everything it does.”PODS_2

Podtime manufacture its sleep pods in Battersea, South West London, and sells them starting at £1,375 ($2,190). The modular pods can be stacked, and the stock model comes with a single mattress or vinyl covered foam mattress, along with storage shelves, a mirror, LED lights and choice of door color. Doors are lockable, and there’s open ventilation at both ends. Upgrades include a luggage compartment, leather mattress covers, digital radios, as well as TV and DVD player. Hopefully none of Interxion’s engineers are claustrophobic.

Photo credit: Interxion

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