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These are the 10 most disliked videos on YouTube

When it comes to YouTube and the rankings of its most popular videos, you’ll most likely think of it in terms of how many views or likes a given video receives. But just because a YouTube video happens to have a ton of views or millions of likes, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s protected from receiving dislikes. In fact, some of the most popular and well-known viral videos on YouTube also carry staggering numbers of dislikes as well.

If you’ve ever been curious to know which videos have received the most dislikes, here’s your chance to find out. Here are the current 10 most disliked videos on YouTube.

10. Can this video get 1 million dislikes? — PewDiePie (5.14 million dislikes)

Can this video get 1 million dislikes?

Yes. PewDiePie’s request was fulfilled, and he got the 1 million dislikes he wanted for this video. Plus 4.14 million additional dislikes. And that’s not surprising considering his following (he has around 105 million subscribers on YouTube) and the fact that his supporters seem to be willing to do anything to show support for their favorite YouTube star.

This particular video was published in December of 2016 and has gotten over 20 million views since.

9. Flores — Vitão and Luísa Sonza (5.44 million dislikes)

Despite the twerking in this video, it’s no Despacito. This music video, which was released in June 2020 has already received more than 5.4 million dislikes while at the same time only accumulating 2.3 million likes. Who knew something less than 3 minutes could be so hated?

8. Bath Song — Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (5.60 million dislikes)

Bath Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

On this list, children’s videos are certainly prevalent. This video, released in May 2018 to the tune of Baby Shark (which also made this list) features what appears to be two young brothers taking a bath together and helping each other get clean. It’s fairly cute until the track gets stuck in your head… “wash my face dodododododo.” Ugh, I’m doomed. Now I see why it has so many dislikes.

7. Miroshka TV — Learning Colors Multi-Colored Eggs on the Farm (6.98 million dislikes)

Учим цвета-Разноцветные яйца на ферме

It’s not the only children’s video on this list, but it might be the longest children’s video featured. Clocking in at five minutes and 10 seconds, Miroshka TV’s Learning Colors Multi-Colored Eggs on the Farm is a crudely animated video that teaches young children about colors via cartoon eggs with decidedly creepy smiles. The video is narrated in Russian, but the song that plays in the background is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” sung in English. While the video certainly gets the job done — you will learn the names of many different colors — it’s a really long video given the subject matter and the eggs do weird things like smash themselves into pieces and combine the shards together to create a giant egg, who then creates smaller eggs again. It’s a lot.

6. Johny Johny Yes Papa — LooLoo Kids (8.27 million dislikes)

Johny Johny Yes Papa

It’s strange to think that a children’s song that’s less than two minutes long could garner so many dislikes. That is, until you realize how many of its billions of views are probably just little kids playing the short, catchy song over and over again, much to their parents’ annoyance. It’s not a terrible song, but it is, like many songs for kids, repetitive and contains simple lyrics. The video itself features a baby trying to sneak sugar cubes when his father (or grandfather?) isn’t looking. The premise is odd, but hardly deserving of over 5 million dislikes.

5. YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record — YouTube (9.32 million dislikes)

YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

YouTube created this video as an answer to the criticisms of its much-reviled YouTube Rewind 2018 video. So is it actually better than the 2018 video? Well, it still made it on this list because it garnered nearly 9 million dislikes since its debut. But, this video still has many fewer dislikes than its Rewind predecessor, seems to have a more cohesive theme this go-round (video statistics and moments in which YouTube videos and creators broke records), and it’s also much shorter than the 2018 video. Progress, right?

4. Baby Shark Dance — Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories (10.79 million dislikes)

Baby Shark Dance | Sing and Dance! | Animal Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children

If your kids finally got bored of the insanely viral Baby Shark song, then we’re sorry to inflict this earworm on you again. But it’s on this list for a reason because regardless of how popular the song was among children and toddlers alike, the video still garnered over 7 million dislikes.

There’s no way to find out for sure, but we like to think that every single dislike comes from an exasperated parent who just wants to listen to something else for a change. The Baby Shark Dance video debuted in June of 2016 and has received over 5 billion views to date.

3. Baby — Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris  (11.94 million dislikes)

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris (Official Music Video)

It’s the video that launched a million Beliebers (yes, that’s what Justin Bieber’s fans actually call themselves). Since its debut in 2010, there have been hundreds of parodies and remixes of Justin’s first hit — but the original music video still has over 2 billion views. 

The odd thing is that we usually see a large divide in a video’s likes and dislikes since most videos eventually settle into a consensus regarding its quality. However, “Baby” is an outlier. Only around 2 million votes make a difference between those who like it and those who don’t. The video has over 13 million likes, but it also has 11.94 million dislikes. After a decade to think about it, it seems the public is still undecided on whether this video is terrible.

2. Sadak 2 Trailer — Fox Star Studios (13.35 million dislikes)

Sadak 2 | Official Trailer | Sanjay | Pooja | Alia | Aditya | Jisshu | Mahesh Bhatt | 28 Aug

The film trailer for Sadak 2 was published on August 12, 2020. It only took one short week to become YouTube’s second most despised video, with a whopping 13 million dislikes. The amount of hatred for this movie trailer stemmed from the number of people unsettled by nepotism in Bollywood. Because of this, the video collected 4.2 million dislikes on YouTube only 24 hours after it went live.

1. YouTube Rewind 2018 — YouTube  (18.67 million dislikes)

YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind

Interestingly enough, the site that fostered the idea of the YouTube video also earns the title of most disliked YouTube video The reason for the astonishing amount of dislikes is no mystery—the video continues for an excruciating eight total minutes. This is an excessive and utterly unneeded amount of time for a video intended to examine vulgar, cringe-worthy highlights.

The video also entirely lacks structure — there are stale memes, uncomfortable clips, and, overall, way too many concurrently. The video may not fully warrant its almost 207 million dislikes, but it is unquestionably an unpleasant viewing experience. Recognizing that the YouTube Rewind for 2019 isn’t that far behind, we can only visualize how terribly uncomfortable we’ll be when the 2020 Rewind officially premieres.

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