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Music Publishers Sue Song Lyric Sites

Music Publishers Sue Song Lyric Sites

First it was the RIAA going after file sharers. Now you may no longer be able to Google song lyrics to find that title you can’t think of, as the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) said that three of its members – BugMusic, Peermusic, and Warner/Chappell filed suit against two sites that provide song lyrics, for doing so without paying the NMPA.

The sites involved are LiveUniversre and LyricWiki. Some sites do have licenses from the NMPA, and NMPA president and CEO David Israelite said:

"We are confident the courts will conclude that, like Napster and Grokster before them, these sites are simply freeloading off artists and fans."

However, there would seem to be a little conflict. LyricWiki head had written earlier this month that his site was in the process of securing a license, according to The Register, while the lawsuit explicitly states:

"Defendants plainly understand that the lyrics featured on the LyricWiki Website…are subject to copyright protection and have knowingly decided to forgo obtaining the necessary license from the copyright owners simply to maximize their profits at the expense of Plaintiffs and the songwriters."

Still, it’ll all come out in court…

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