NBC plans to live-stream every event at the 2012 Olympics

NBC Olympics Web siteIn a move that’s both great for the Web and fans of the Olympics, NBC has launched its official 2012 London Olympics Web site, and the network claims it will live stream all 32 sports at the games this summer. More than that, however, it also plans to provide video archives for every major event. 

“Whatever is on schedule that day, if cameras are on it, we’ll stream it,” Rick Cordella, vice president and general manager of NBC Sports Digital Media, told the New York Times. “The hot topic is always, ‘Why don’t you show all your sports live?’ We wanted to take care of that… The vast majority of events will be archived immediately.”

The move is a sign of the times. Back in 2008, NBC chose to hold many events off the Internet to boost ratings of its live TV broadcast. It appears that time has corrected this error in logic. There are still a few shifty decisions going on though. If you want to watch an event that NBC television is airing, you will be able to stream it live on the Web, but NBC won’t provide a link to the archived recording of it until well after the special has broadcast on TV.

Still, it does seem like NBC is beginning to see the Internet as a complimentary tool, not one to be feared. Cordella claims that NBC is “not scared of cannibalization” anymore.

“If cameras are on it, we’ll stream it,” he claims. Let’s hope so. Check out nbcolympics.com, which already has some coverage of the upcoming London Olympics, which are now 100 days away.

(Side note: Though NBC is using YouTube for its video, the content is not currently embeddable or viewable on the YouTube site. Hopefully NBC will realize that having embeddable and searchable videos will help it gain exposure and views, not harm it.)