NBC teams up with YouTube to live stream the London Olympics

london 2012With just 141 days left until the London Olympics gets underway, armchair viewers may already be considering what brand of beer and which pizza toppings to go for while enjoying the 17-day sporting extravaganza.

And if you’re a fan of the more obscure sports events that might not make it onto the mainstream channels, you’re in luck. Broadcaster NBC has announced it will be teaming up with video streaming site YouTube to ensure that sports fans across the US will be able to enjoy everything from the handball competition to the taekwondo event. In fact, NBCOlympics.com will be showing every single event live, amounting to some 3,000 hours of programming. Better hold back a bit on the beer and pizza then if you’re intending to sit through the whole lot.

“We’ll also include replays of web-exclusive events, all television broadcasts, interviews with the athletes and exclusive daily segments about London 2012,” NBC said on its website. “Live streams will be available across our mobile platforms, providing an extraordinary 360-degree coverage of The Games.”

The Next Web points out that Comcast, which was recently bought by NBC Universal, has the broadcast rights to the Olympics until 2020. NBC will be wanting to recoup as much of its investment as it can through, for example, advertising and syndication deals. As a result, the broadcaster will be keen to attract to its website as many viewers as possible, suggesting Google-owned YouTube won’t have an Olympic channel offering live coverage on its own site.

While UK Olympic viewers will be unable to make use of NBC’s live video stream, they will instead be able to enjoy something a little different — in an Olympic first, the BBC intends to make a number of broadcasts available in 3D. These include the men’s 100 meter final, nightly highlights and the opening and closing ceremonies, all of which will be shown on the broadcaster’s HD channel.

As for NBC, it also achieved a first of its own recently when it live streamed last month’s Super Bowl. More than two million people jumped online to enjoy the big game, with NBC claiming it to be the largest audience ever for a single sporting event streamed live across the web.