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New viral video has soccer players staging real-world Angry Birds competition

Remember those NFL.com ads that ran a while ago featuring football players performing ridiculous feats of passing, catching, and route-running? Those stunts were accomplished with computer-assisted effects.

The Angry Birds-themed stunts performed by soccer players in a new viral video? They’re the real deal.

The new video making the rounds online features UNC Asheville goalkeepers Lassi Hurskainen and Dan Jackson taking their Angry Birds competition into the real world, and performing kick after unbelievably accurate kick directed at stuffed versions of the game’s pesky pigs.

Over the course of the video, the pair manages to knock one or more of the plush pigs off of rooftops, goalposts, stacked trash cans, and even other players’ heads. The video is set to a “dance club remix” of the Angry Birds theme song, and also features the goalkeepers’ significantly less-impressive celebration dances after some of the kicks.

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