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Online Relationship Ends Marriage

Online Relationship Ends Marriage

Amy Taylor and Dave Pollard met in an online chatroom. So perhaps there’s justice in the fact that she’s filing for real life divorce after accusing him of betraying her in a virtual relationship with another woman on Second Life, according to the Guardian.

After Taylor and Pollard moved in together they both enjoyed Second Life, she as DJ Laura Skye, he as Dave Barmy. All was well until she discovered him having cyber sex with a Second Life prostitute. However, they overcame that bump and married, both online and in real life.

Eventually, though, Taylor discovered her husband in a relationship with another woman on the site and has filed for a real world divorce because of it – although she’ll continue playing Second Life.

Pollard admitted a relationship with the other woman, but said:

"We weren’t even having cyber sex or anything like that we were just chatting and hanging out together. It was nothing really major. I don’t think I was really doing anything wrong."

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