The PC's Internet usage share may have peaked last year, as users turn towards mobile

Two reports this week show that desktop internet usage may have peaked in 2015 and is on the decline while the number of people who rely on mobile for home internet has doubled since 2013.

Microsoft loves Google's codecs, adds WebM and VP9 in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Edge will support more codecs starting this summer. WebM, VP9, and Opus audio will all be built-in to Microsoft's browser, meaning millions of new users will have support for the open source codecs.

The U.S. hosts the most malicious websites in the world

Research from German security firm G Data reveals that the U.S. hosts more malicious websites than any other country in the world, representing a clear threat to Internet users who may find themselves duped.

Malware watchdog: Here’s what Google does to keep Android devices uninfected

Google did a bang-up job keeping its users safe in 2015, by scanning more than 400 million handsets a day and keeping a vigilant eye on its Play Store, making sure that no more than 0.15 percent of all users experienced some form of…

Viber flicks on encryption, adds Hidden Chats feature

Viber's more than 711 million users can now enjoy encrypted messaging, safe from third-party snooping. A new Hidden Chats feature will also hide your conversations from the main screen of the app.
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More than just a site for finding good pizza, Yelp now allows quote requests for services

The popular business review site Yelp just announced it now allows users to directly contact businesses to get quotes on a wide range of services. The new feature also lets users see response times and rates for each business.

ESPN's 'The Undefeated' will explore sports, race, and culture starting next month

Next month ESPN will officially launch The Undefeated, a new multimedia platform focusing on the role of race and culture in sports, featuring daily video content, a weekly podcast, and original reporting.

Zuckerberg gets the best of cybersquatter looking to cash in on daughter's name

An Indian college student attempting to make a quick buck off a Web domain containing Mark Zuckerberg's baby's name ended up unknowingly selling it to Zuckerberg himself, and for only $700.

NYPD sides with FBI in the war against unbreakable encryption

The New York Police Department wants legislation that would weaken encryption and allow access into criminal's phones for investigations. But a new poll found that Americans trust tech companies more than the government to keep their data…
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Meet the man selling bundles of cash on Instagram and calling it art

Meet Matty Mo, an LA-based artist known better by his monicker -- "The Most Famous Artist." His latest project involved selling money for money -- as art. Mo listed a series of 10 art objects for sale, each for $5,000. And they all sold

BlackBerry CEO addresses story that Canadian police have its global encryption key

BlackBerry CEO John Chen writes the company has stood by "lawful access principles," after a report revealed the company assisted Canadian police in solving a gang-related case, decrypting about one million PIN-to-PIN messages for the RCMP.

This 1970 memo outlined every cybersecurity threat we face today

Think cybersecurity is a new problem that couldn't have been predicted? A 1970 paper outlined almost all the weaknesses exploited by attackers today. Organizations can still learn from it.