Real-life Scumbag Steve posts hilarious rap video about meme Scumbag Steve

Scumbag Steve Overture Blake BostonMost of us will never know the glory and pain that comes with being an Internet meme. But Blake Boston was not so lucky. Better known as the Internet meme “Scumbag Steve” — the Web’s favorite way to lament all forms of douchebagery — Boston has embraced his online infamy more than anyone else in his position. He’s given interviews talking about his unintended (and unflattering) stardom, and even launched his own Tumblr blog dedicated to all things Scumbag Steve.

But today, Boston has released what may be the best example yet that, despite what the pictures say, he is actually a humble, good guy, with an excellent sense of humor.

The song is called “Scumbag Steve Overture,” and it is the first tune that Boston (whose full rapper name is Blake Boston AKA Scumbag Steve) plans to release every Thursday from now until he decides to stop. The song is available as a free download on Boston’s website, ScumbagThursdays.com, or for 99 cents on iTunes.

The campy hip hop number runs through a smorgasbord of scumbaginess that Scumbag Steve would almost surely do on a daily basis. The beat is simple, and the rap, well, it’s actually not bad.

Released late this morning, the video for “Scumbag Steve Overture” skyrocketed to the top of social news site Reddit in under an hour, generating hundreds of comments. And, for the most part, the reaction is overwhelmingly positive, if reluctantly so.

For his part, Boston admits that his real life personality and the personality of Scumbag Steve sometimes overlap. But for the most part, Steve is just a character.

“Everyone has their scumbag moments. Even before Scumbag Steve happened, I maybe had a couple too many drinks,” Boston tells Mashable. “But right now, it’s more about Scumbag Steve as a character. With the whole persona of the CD, yeah, I’m going to sing about scumbag stuff to do.”

Give the ‘Scumbag Steve Overture” a listen below: