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Slack releases its platform road map on Trello for the world to see

A person using Slack on a Macbook.
Ever wanted to take a peek inside the mind of a fast-paced tech startup? Slack is obliging in a pretty unique way. Late last week, the messaging app used by companies around the world to keep employees in the know decided to keep its users in the know, opening up its platform roadmap for all to see. That’s right — you can now access Slack’s Trello board, and check out exactly what’s next for the team in the San Francisco based company.

In a Medium blog post, Slack noted, “We know that being a developer is hard, and building on a platform is not a decision to be made lightly. Many platforms have burned developers and we frequently see that risk highlighted. This is our response.” Now, the general public has been clued into the company’s roadmap, which contains five main verticals — Near Term, Mid Term, Long Term, Ongoing Improvements, and Released. Currently, there are no projects listed in the Released column, though there are plenty of other things to follow in the pipeline.

“An ecosystem in its healthiest form creates a virtuous cycle,” Slack writes. “This is our success as a platform  —  when the value of the businesses built on top of us is, in sum, larger than we can ever be.”

Calling it “a small step in equipping you to claim this opportunity with us,” Slack’s decision to release its product roadmap allows you to get up close and personal with what’s yet to come on the mobile and desktop app. Everything from an Events API to app ratings and reviews and support for more file types can be found on the Trello board, and the company has also released its Ideaboard , described as “a list of useful ideas that could be built into Slack apps per conversations we’ve had with our customers.”

So if you want your voice heard in the Slack community, consider this your moment.

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