SOPA blackout infographic shows the power of online activism


The January 18 mass blackout protest over the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) and the “PROTECT IP Act” (PIPA) has come and gone. But its undisputed effectiveness will live on in the decade to come as the moment that a new breed of activism was born. Not only did the blackout push SOPA and PIPA off the congressional agenda (for now, at least), it has also forced the Washington lobbying industry to reassess its power, and how it does business in the future.

To sum up exactly what happened on that fateful Wednesday, blogger Frugal Dad has created an infographic that shows the full extent of the blackout the surrounding response, from both the entertainment industry and Congress. The data and other stats in this helpful image are truly  astounding, and put into context the power of Web citizens to shape the digital world in which we all now live.


Source: frugaldad.com