Sound good? YouTube upgrades audio editing tools, library now has 150,000+ tracks

sound good youtube upgrades audio editing tools library now has 150000 tracksYouTube continues in its drive to provide content creators with an increasing number of options for sprucing up videos, with the announcement this week of a new audio editing feature.

Sound is something often neglected by budding directors/editors, but its value shouldn’t be underestimated. Rubbish audio means the impact of the visuals, no matter how dazzling, will be lost.

Anyone who has used YouTube’s admittedly rudimentary editing tools will be familiar with AudioSwap, the tool that allows you to replace the often dull sound recorded live during your video shoot with a piece of suitable music. Users of AudioSwap will be pleased to hear that the library of songs has been expanded enormously to more than 150,000 tracks, and will continue to grow.

According to a post on YouTube’s Creators blog about the new updates, you can also mix music into the soundtrack of your video “at levels ranging from ‘soft background’ to ‘completely replace.’”

It also now has a “featured tracks” section which it claims will “make it easy to find the best songs across genres for a variety of moods.” You can search for suitable music by track length, too.

For anyone keen to try out the new offerings, go to Video Manager > Edit > Enhancements > Audio, or check out the short video demonstration below.

The blog post finishes by announcing that more changes to the site’s audio editing capabilities are on their way, giving YouTube video creators even more options when it comes to presenting their masterpiece to the video-sharing site’s global audience.

Besides these new audio editing tools, YouTube has been rolling out a number of video editing tools too.

The editing features offered by Google-owned YouTube are of course rather basic, especially when compared to what you get with Final Cut Pro, or even the simple iMovie editing software. But the good thing about YouTube’s offering is that it’s free, simple to use and great for beginners who just want to perform a few straightforward edits in a short space of time.