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Survival of the felines: 10 reasons why Grumpy Cat has lasted so long (and her 15 minutes are up)

grumpy cat
The Internet is flummoxed by a cat diagnosed with dwarfism and an adorable overbite. She’s appeared on talk shows, authored a book that landed on the New York Times bestseller list, and even starred in a Lifetime movie.

Grumpy Cat’s (real name, Tardar Sauce) longevity is remarkable. Especially when you consider that other memes usually spoil after a few days. But everything on the Internet has an expiration date, and Grumpy Cat’s 15 minutes of fame are beginning to wear thin. (Take a look at the searches for Grumpy Cat.)

Full disclosure: I love Grumpy. I bought her Christmas cards, I checked out Grumpy’s books from the library, and shared Grumpy’s many memes on Facebook. But her inevitable decline (it has to end at some point, right?) raises an interesting question – what’s the shelf-life for viral (or, as Grumpy Cat would put it, awful) Internet content? And when does a funny joke just seem like a ploy to make money? Two years is eons for the Internet. Grumpy Cat is still hilarious, but it also seems a little mundane now.

We take a look at all the ways Grumpy Cat has survived two full years (that’s like ten cat years) as the darling of the Web (i.e., making more money than DiCaprio) and how it’s starting to get a little tiresome – even for the most loyal Grumpy followers.

1. We’ve all seen Grumpy memes

Grumpy Cat meme

When a British news site reported Grumpy Cat has netted over 100 million, the Internet when bonkers. Grumpy’s owner dismissed those figures, stating that it was “completely inaccurate.”

2. They’re all hilarious but they’re all nearly identical

Grumpy Cat Meme 2

It’s a hilarious party trick. But after a few memes, they all start looking the same.

3. The movie for Lifetime is awesome, but it’s nearly identical to other Lifetime movies – except it stars Grumpy

If a movie is made to be awful, does that make it good? Grumpy Cat’s voice is Audrey Plaza.

4. Grumpy appears on the set of  WWE, seems kinda pissed

Grumpy sums up how most of us feel about WWE.

5. But does the exact same thing in Austin

Grumpy Cat at SXSW

Grumpy was the darling of Austin during 2013’s South by Southwest (SXSW). The festival also featured keynote presentations by Elon Musk and Al Gore – but the longest lines were for Grumpy.

6. Obama parody is also awesome, but we’ve all done it

Grumpy Cat Obama T-shirt

A good gift for that cat lover in your family who also hates everyone.

7. Grumpy’s entourage is awesome, but they’re cats.

Grumpy Cat has plenty of friends. She even agreed to appear in her pal Lil Bub’s movie that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. Also, check out these videos of Grumpy hanging out with her brother, Pokey.

8. Seriously?

Grumpy on cover of NY MAGMade the cover of New York Magazine business issue. If I didn’t know better I’d say Grumpy looks a little grumpier in this one.

9. Grumpy’s ice coffee is probably fun to drink once

Grumpy Cat CoffeeGrumpy Cat is trademarked and her website sells ice coffee, t-shirts, and Christmas cards. Grumpy’s  manager, Ben Lashes, also manages Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat.

10.  Grumpy Cat’s second book is plenty grumpy for me

Grumpy Cat Book

Grumpy has authored two books. They’re both funny, but we’ve had enough.

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