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These crowdsourced Yahoo logos kick the official one’s ass

After 30 days of new Yahoo logos and one final, official version, there seems to be a general consensus about the whole look: Meh. It’s not horrible, but it’s also not great. Nothing about the design is exciting, new, hip, young, or … anything. Just basic. Boring, even.

Although the design is a nice, grown up departure from Yahoo’s clown-tastic former logo, we think there were some designs from the 30 days in August that could have worked better than the one Yahoo ultimately picked. Still, those don’t even compare to some of the logos DesignCrowd.com came up with. After the unveil of Yahoo’s snoozefest, the international design crowdsourcing website asked 130,000 of its members to come up with better designs for Marissa Mayer to consider. As a result, the startup received 244 designs, and awarded one winner from Romania the prize of $200.

It’s hard not to look at these submissions, glance back at Yahoo’s real logo, and feel much more connected to the crowdsourced designs. These logos reminded us how to be excited by Yahoo; they make us feel connected to the whimsical and bold personalities Yahoo wants us to believe it has. Perhaps Mayer should take a look at these and see if she can buy out the design firm/designers responsible for them next.

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