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Tourism Site Receives USAF Email

Tourism Site Receives USAF EmailMildenhall, in the UK, is the site of a large USAF base, located at RAF Mildenhall. It’s also a prettylittle town. Of course, the two mix, but according to the BBC, they mixed in ways that should never have happened.   It transpires that for some time secretUSAF e-mails have been sent to Mildenhall.com, a private site set up to promote tourism in the town, rather than the official military site.   According to site owner Gary Sinnott, who began hissite in the late ’90s, the mails have included person information and, on one occasion, very secret Presidential flight plans.   Oops.   He began receiving e-mails intended for thebase in 2001, and once received a communication with the legend ‘Destroy by any means to prevent capture’.   Now Sinnott has retired Mildenhall.com rather than keep receiving thesecommunications.   A USAF spokesperson told the BBC,   "In 2004, The 100 Communication Squadron advised Mr Sinnott to block unrecognizable addresses from his domain and have anauto-reply sent reminding people of the official Mildenhall domain."   It had also sent e-mails advising personnel to use the correct Mildenhall address.

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