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Twitter Hits UK Parliament

Twitter Hits UK Parliament

Anything that opens communications between politicians and the people they represent has to be a good thing, right? That’s what the people behind a new service, TweetMinster, are hoping, anyway.

Operating through micro-blogging service, Twitter, it allows people to communicate quickly with their MPs and also receive feeds of Twitter posts by their MPs and others. Voters can even e-mail their MPs and urge them to sign up for the service.

TweetMinster is a collaboration between UnLtdWorld and creative agency ThinMartian. It came about when Alberto Nardelli, chief executive at UnLtdWorld, noticed an American service, Tweet Congress.

"I was inspired by it, and thought that it would be a wicked idea to have something similar in the UK. Ultimately the goal is to improve communications between parliament and people, as we feel that more transparent conversations will mean better government."

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