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UK Brings In Broadband Speed Code

Just how fast is your broadband connection? There’s a good chance you don’t really know. But in Britain, under a new voluntary code of practice that takes effect today, customers will be better informed, the BBC reports.

Broadband providers have agreed to give new customers accurate figures on the maximum speeds they can expect, along with an explanation of the way technical issues can slow speeds and what can be done about it. If line speeds turn out to be significantly lower than estimated, they will downgrade the customer’s deal with no penalty.

Additionally, they’ll let customers know if they go over the data caps on their deals.

Government watchdog Ofcom will monitor companies for the next six months to ensure compliance. Anna Bradley, chair of Ofcom’s Communications Consumer Panel, said:

"The new code will help consumers make better informed choices. It addresses the concerns that we raised with Ofcom and the ISPs last year about broadband speeds – about the mismatch between the speeds that consumers think they are buying and what they actually get."

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