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UK Child Internet Safety Council Launches

It’s no secret that the online world can be a dangerous place for kids. But the UK Council for Child Internet Safety is attempting to make it a safer, friendlier place from its launch today.

Earlier this year, psychologist Tanya Brown recommended setting up the council in her report on children and technology, and plenty of people have climbed on board. The council has over 100 organizations as members, many of them tech companies, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook and mobile phone provider O2.

The aims of the council – which will report to the prime minister – include shutting down harmful sites, developing responsible online ads, and working out a voluntary code for those Web 2.0 sites that have content from users, as well as the thorny issue of cyberbullying.

Dr. Byron told the BBC:

"Every parent will know that video games and the internet are a part of childhood like never before.
"This is extremely positive; giving kids the opportunities to learn to have fun and communicate in ways that previous generations could only dream of. But it can also present a huge challenge to parents and other adults involved in the welfare of children."

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