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U.S. IT Jobs Rise

The general economic talk might be doom, gloom and recession, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in IT. According to figures released by the NationalAssociation of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB), jobs in IT in the United States rose by over 40,000 last month. That breaks down to an increase of 1.06% over January, and a stunning 9.1%rise over February 2007 to give a total of 3.9 million people working in IT. In a statement, Mark Roberts, CEO of NACCB, said, "Despite the steady stream of negative economic news, including adisappointing report on the broader job market, demand for IT professionals remains extraordinarily robust. While I fully expected a favorable IT employment picture based on the positive anecdotalreports from our member companies, the strength of February’s IT employment numbers surprised even me.   “The robust IT employment picture should be heartening to executives in allindustries. It reflects continuing corporate investment in IT as companies seek to maintain or improve their competitive position and reap the benefits of enhanced productivity.”

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