Verizon’s 300Mbps ‘Quantum’ FiOS Internet plan costs $210 per month

Verizon's 300Mbps Quantum FiOS Internet plan costs $210 per month

Verizon’s new, blazing-fast Internet plan is here — and, as expected, it is as expensive as it is quick. The Quantum FiOS plan, which offers users up to 300 megabits per second downloads, and 65Mpbs uploads taxes users a thunderous $210 per month, or $205 with a two-year contract.

According to Verizon, a Quantum subscription could allow a users to download a 2-hour (5GB) high-definition movie in just 2.2 minutes, run 14 Internet-connected devices simultaneously, or download 10 songs in just 1.4 seconds. Verizon’s budget offering (15Mbps down/5Mbps up) allows the same 2-hour movie to download at a sloth-like pace, taking as much as “44.4 minutes” for the file to complete its transfer from the Web to your computer.

To put Quantum’s staggering swiftness in perspective, the average U.S. Internet subscriber only has a 5.8Mbps connection, according to Akamai Technologies. That’s nearly 52 times slower than the 300Mbps connection Verizon now offers. In other words: Quantum is, at the moment, total overkill.

For its part, Verizon clearly states that the “ultimate” Quantum plan is serious overkill for many users. Instead, it only recommends the high-priced service for households with “multiple hardcore Internet users.” In its initial announcement, Verizon further clarified that only residences with five or more heavy Internet users would take full advantage of the super-fast Web access.

Of course, Verizon also offers an array of slower, less-expensive FiOS plans, the download speeds of which range from 15Mbps up to 150Mbps. In fact, the 150Mbps plan seems to us the best deal if you’re looking to stay in the realm of “super-fast.” At that speed, you will still have faster Internet access than nearly everyone in America, and you still get the 65Mbps upload speeds offered in the Quantum plan — but it “only” costs $100, which is far more manageable.

That said, some U.S. residents don’t have access to Verizon FiOS at all, so the whole thing is rendered moot until the company can expand its offerings to other parts of the country. To see if you are one of the lucky few with access to a Quantum plan, click here, scroll half-way down the page, and click the “check availability” on the right-hand side of the screen.