Viral video: snake slithers across a car at 65 mph


Forget snakes on a plane. This family can’t keep them off the windshield. While driving down the highway, Rachel and Tony Fisher watched as a snake poked its head from under the hood of the car and proceeded to climb all around the windshield until it eventually fell off of the driver’s side mirror. The car was parked in a wooded area the night before, where the snake must have crawled into the car.

“We were driving 65 mph down a highway when my husband caught something out of the corner of this eye…a snakehead coming out from under our hood onto our windshield! Watch what happens after that….” writes Rachel Fisher on YouTube. 

Some have already begun criticizing the couple for not pulling over and gently removing the snake, but they aren’t biting. “[We’ve gotten] a lot of Facebook comments…I don’t like snakes,” said Tony to CNN. “I’m more scared of snakes probably then my wife is. And so, I was like I just want the thing off the car.  I don’t want to try to have to get out of the car and deal with it.”

So, are animals are getting braver or have we simply run out of other things to put on YouTube? Judging by this second video, we wonder if they might be tired of dealing with us.