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‘Wolf of Buzzfeed’ might be the most spot-on parody of all time

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Plenty of people rip on Buzzfeed for the overwhelming amount of clickbaity listicles and other viral junkfood that’s published on the site, but we’re fairly certain that nothing has satirized the company so perfectly as this video from halfdaytoday.

The skit is pretty much exactly what the title suggests: It’s a reimagining of the trailer for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but with Buzzfeed in place of the brokerage house Stratton Oakmont. And it’s brilliant.  By slightly tweaking a few of the movie’s most memorable scenes and relating them to the king of viral content, halfdaytoday absolutely skewers Buzzfeed from practically every angle.

Check it out below. We highly suggest watching it more than once, as it takes multiple viewings to catch all the gags and find all the little nuggets of comedy gold.