DT IRL puts new product in the hands of expert users and shows them trying it out in their favorite settings. Here we feature three ambitious photographers trying out the Canon EOS 80D for the first time. Read about their experiences with the camera in real life.

josh neff

Outdoor Photographer

Josh Neff is an outdoor lifestyle photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. Creativity feels most alive when Josh is up high & far away. As an artist, his mission is to remind us of the significance of our world and to convey the importance of wilderness in each and everyone of our lives. So whether it’s capturing landscapes, animals or people, the reason Josh photographs is to share his passion for the wild and the great experiences it provides.

Josh’s style of photography allows for him to be outdoors, shooting at various angles and having full control of all settings on his camera. While testing out the Canon EOS 80D, his fingers immediately went to his go-to settings: white balance, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. He found that with the touch screen, it was very easy, almost instant, to adjust these settings on the go without using the thumb wheel.

Not only was the touchscreen great for adjusting settings, Josh also liked the ability to focus and snap a
photo by tapping on the actual screen. At 5’9”, the 3” Vari-angle screen helps him get better angles in his photos, especially when reaching at higher heights.

Overall, the camera was lightweight and intuitive to use. Check out some of the photos he took from the gorge at the Oregon-Washington border below.

Between having 45 different points and zone focusing, it did a really good job of pinpointing where I wanted it to focus."

shot with the eos 80d

tonya smith

style blogger

Tonya Smith is a 24 year old fashion marketing student and full time blogger based in Portland, Oregon. Her love for The Beatles and messy hair gave her the nickname of her blog, The Moptop. She started the blog in early 2011 as just a hobby but now it’s a big part of her life. Her boyfriend Leo has been helping her shoot the photos for 3 year now and together they have done collaborations with brands such as Urban Outfitters, Jansport, Theory, Steven Alan and more.

It’s important for Tonya and her boyfriend/photographer, Leo, to create efficiencies since blog posts can take quite a while to produce, spending roughly three hours shooting on location in addition to styling and composing the page.

Immediately, they were excited to try out the new lenses. They were drawn to the Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens and loved the range they got for full body shots. And, the EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM was great for close-up shots. Using a quality lens creating sharper images reduces time spent on each photoshoot.

Currently using a Canon EOS 7D, they are familiar with the body and weight of the camera, but they miss out on
having the touch/swivel screen, making it harder to preview the images quickly with each other. With the EOS 80D, they were able to swipe through photos as well as pinch-and-zoom on the LCD screen to check out the images.

When Tonya edits her photos using Lightroom and VSCO, she likes to stay away from heavy filters creating unnatural looking photographs. The photos from the EOS 80D were already high-quality, making the editing process easier and faster. We roamed the streets of SE Portland shooting on the EOS 80D for her blog and here are her final edits below.

We're looking for a new lens, and the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM might be it! It's great for up-close detail shots and portraits!"

shot with the eos 80d

jordan lacsina

travel Photographer

Born and raised in Hawaii, Jordan is an aspiring travel and outdoor photographer currently living in Portland, Oregon. He is always seeking for new adventures and finding different unique ways to capture moments that viewers can be inspired by. Jordan also sells prints on his website jordanlacsinaphoto.com.

Jordan is great at finding new perspectives in his photography. Usually shooting outdoors, his initial reaction to using the Canon EOS 80D was the lightweight body of the camera, making it easy to go on hikes or travel with.

Not ever having a touchscreen before, Jordan was intrigued by how easy it was to adjust settings and review images. He was able to quickly adapt to the EOS 80D with zero issues. He was impressed with the quality in the features, like being able to shoot up to 7 frames per second and using different focusing modes, making him feel confident in what he was shooting.

One lens he tested was the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM which rendered color well and focused quickly. And for someone who switches lenses often while shooting the EOS 80D allows for any Canon lens to sit on the camera, making it extremely versatile and opens up many possibilities in photography. Check out some of Jordan’s photos from the Japanese Gardens in
Portland, Oregon below.

The 80D did a really good job of pinpointing of where I wanted it to focus, especially using the zone focusing and having 45 different points."

shot with the eos 80d

explore the canon eos 80d

Resolution: 24.20 Megapixels
Sensor: APS-C (22.5mm x 15.0mm)
Kit Lens: 7.50x zoom, 18-135mm (29-216mm eq.)
Viewfinder: Optical/LCD Weight: 44.8 oz
Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.1 x 3.1 in.
Shutter: 1/8000 - 30 seconds
Native ISO: 100-16,000
Extended ISO: 100-25,600

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