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  • 73% Age 18-34
  • 34 Median Age
  • 66% Male
  • 34% Female
  • 89% Attended College
  • 34% Broadband Access
  • 59% $75K+ HHI
  • 34% $100K+ HHI
  • 57% Business Decision Maker / Influencer
  • 34% Managerial / Professional / Technical

The key to Digital Trends is our commitment to trendsetters, regardless of their technical expertise. Trendsetters may be newcomers to the hi-tech lifestyle; eager to access an information rich resource. Likewise, they may be seasoned hi-tech professionals weighing difficult purchase decisions. For anyone melding technology into their daily lives, Digital Trends provides a unique source of information and powerful insight. It gives visitors the advantage they need to succeed in the dynamic new world of technological culture.

Thank you for considering Digital Trends for your online advertising campaign. Digital Trends is home to some of the most influential editors and is trusted for its consumer electronic news, reviews and analysis. We have the ability to create effective and efficient advertising programs to correspond with your current goals and marketing objectives.

See our Ad Capabilities page for details on specific ad units with demos.

Digital Trends receives more than 20 million monthly unique readers* to Digitaltrends.com and reaches more than 40 million readers through our content syndication network (DTCN) of partners which include WorldNow, LinnTV, Yahoo, Sam’s Club and more.

* Source: Google Analytics

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