Sling TV now available on Amazon Fire tablets

Sling TV adds compatibility on Amazon Fire HD and HDX today. Support for the Amazon tablets comes as competition for online streamers continues to intensify and digital TV subscriptions from IPTV services fall.

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Stephen Colbert ups the number of political figures for second week of The Late Show

Stephen Colbert will keep the politicians coming on The Late Show. Week 2 guests will include a Supreme Court justice, the United Nations Secretary-General, and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

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Wanna confuse a Google car? Do a track stand on your bike

Not that you'd want to be the cause of any self-driving car uncertainty, seeing as that could result in some seriously dangerous situations, but hey, if you want to see an unmanned vehicle lurch back and forth, do a track stand.


Motorola may be working on a ruggedized Moto X called the Moto Bounce

According to rumors, Motorola may debut a ruggedized addition to its Moto X series of smartphones -- the Moto Bounce -- in December. It reportedly sports a shatter-proof design and high-end internals.

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Apple joins forces with Cisco to make iOS easier to use on enterprise networks

Apple has announced a partnership with networking equipment provider Cisco to create a "fast lane" for iOS devices in enterprise environments. The deal extends to iPhones and iPads.


Google accused of gaming search results in favor of advertisers in India

They're two of the biggest tech companies, so there's naturally competition between Google and Facebook. But things are getting nasty in India, where Google is being accused of gaming search results, and Facebook is testifying against them.


Exclusive look at Sennheiser’s new 3D surround sound at Imogen Heap

As part of Sennheiser's 70-year celebration in London, we got an exclusive look at the company's innovative new 3D surround sound recording format, with none other than Imogen Heap live on the stage.

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Kanye West and Miley Cyrus’ breast help MTV’s 2015 VMAs set Twitter TV record

MTV's 2015 VMAs may not have had as many viewers as last year's show, but the event more than made up for it in tweets. The awards show was the most tweeted about non-sports event since Nielsen began tracking in October 2011.

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Before the Ford GT returns to endurance racing, watch it tear up the Sebring track

A new video of the 2016 Ford GT racecar has hit the Internet. Spotted testing at the Sebring International Raceway, the car will enter the GTE Pro class next year and compete in various 24-hour events.


Japan is building a fully-automated indoor farm capable of producing 30,000 heads of lettuce per day

Japan's Spread Vegetable Factory is working on a novel way of producing high quantities of lettuce using factory automation. The plant will be able to produce 30,000 heads of lettuce in a single day starting in summer 2017 with a goal of 500,000 heads of…

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New docuseries coming to NFL Network; Undrafted to premiere on CBS

Football fans will soon be getting more of their favorite sport on NFL Network. The network has expanded its original unscripted and documentary programming with the addition of two new docuseries.

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Here’s what’s new on Netflix in September, and what’s going away

Here's a complete list of what's new on Netflix for September, and which titles will be removed this month, to help you catch up on all your binging, and make sure you don't miss those titles heading into the ether.

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Posh as a private jet and almost as fast, BMW's 7 Series makes no compromises

The new 7 Series is a bonafide “super luxury car,” meaning it adorns its guests with opulence as easily as it smokes the competition around the track.

  • Pros: Luscious interior looks (and feels) like a first-class…
  • Cons: Exterior styling doesn’t knock your socks off , Around…

To reduce concussions, Dartmouth now uses robotic tackle dummies during football practice

Two Dartmouth engineering students recently unveiled a robotic tackling dummy they hope can help reduce concussive injuries sustained by football players.

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All about LTE-U and how it might affect your Wi-Fi signals

Verizon and T-Mobile hope to soon begin testing new LTE connectivity using the same spectrum that powers Wi-Fi connectivity, spurring concerns about its effects on home Internet usage