Revolv smart home hub gets updated with new Android app and Nest compatibility

Revolv, makers of the smart home hub that aims to unify all of your smart home devices, has finally released an official Android app -- thereby eliminating one of the device's biggest drawbacks.


With BadUSB, hackers can make your USB devices turn against you

BadUSB can make the USB-based gear connected to your computer conspire against you, pointing you to malicious sites, and much more.


Richard Sherman and J.J. Watt top Madden 15 defensive rankings

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback shares a 99 overall rating with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt to top the Madden NFL 15 defensive rankings.


Photo encyclopedia Fotopedia to shut down service, apps by August 10, 2014

Fotopedia, an online photo encyclopedia, announced it will cease it service and apps on August 10, 2014. Users have until then to take one last look and download any content they may have contributed.


Survey says T-Mobile offers best customer service in the industry

T-Mobile now has 50.5 million subscribers, VoLTE service nationwide, a profitable business, and the award for best customer service. The Uncarrier is picking up momentum.


AOC G2770PQU review

AOC's 27-inch 1080p G2770PQU display has a 144Hz refresh rate, and only costs $350. That seems like a steal, but AOC has to offer more than speed.

  • Pros: Ergonomic stand with VESA mount, Plenty of ports, Accurate…
  • Cons: Only 1080p, Boring design, On-screen controls are fussy

Latest trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar offers a glimpse of the stars

The recently launched website for Interstellar allows visitors to view the latest, eerily compelling trailer for Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi film.


FreedomPop offers free data on iPad Mini and other tablets

FreedomPop is expanding its free data to tablets now, too. Fans of the service can now buy an iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 from the carrier or bring their own tablet from Sprint.


Senate study says phone bill ‘cramming’ is costing us millions

The U.S. Senate has highlighted the ongoing problem of networks "cramming" additional charges on to your mobile bill. Usually originating from third-party firms, these extras have cost mobile users millions over the years, according to a new report.


Sprint’s $12 Facebook plan tacks on extra costs for everything else

Sprint will offer a new pre-paid plan through Virgin Mobile, which includes a limited number of calls and texts, as well as unlimited access to Facebook or one other social network for $12 a month.


Destiny endgame features 6-player raids, daily and weekly challenges

A new interview with Bungie reveals details on Destiny's endgame content, which includes six-player co-op raids and daily/weekly "Nightfall" challenges.


Feeling blue? Experts say taking photos with camera could help lift spirits

When you're feeling down, has anyone told you not to think about it? There is some truth in that, experts say, and an activity like photography could help one get over depression and other mental disorders.


Timeful will trick you into revolutionizing your time management skills

Smart calendar and to-do list app Timeful reminds you to do good things for yourself and helps you stay productive with smart suggestions. The app recommends the best time to do certain tasks and encourages the formation of good habits.