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Google I/O 2015

Mariah Carey has a lot to say about judging American Idol and none of it is good

Mariah Carey shared on Australian Radio show Kyle & Jackie O that she has no desire to return to American Idol for the final episode. She described the show as "the worst experience of my life."

8 Sony Xperia Z3 problems, and how to deal with them

Has your Xperia Z3 been giving you trouble? If your smartphone's been stalling, we've got the fixes you need to get it firing on all cylinders again. These are the most common Xperia Z3 problems with advice on how to deal.


Looking to buy the upcoming GTX 980 Ti? Better have $650 in your wallet

Nvidia's GTX 980 Ti is already generating buzz after the specs leaked, and according to rumors bouncing around the web it will retail for $649. That's a modest price bump over the GTX 980.


U.S. automotive startup PSC Motors reveals 1700 HP plug-in hybrid supercar, the SP-200 SIN

American automotive startup PSC Motors has revealed its 1700 horsepower hybrid supercar, the SP-200 SIN. The mid-engined, rear-wheel drive performance machine will use a naturally aspirated V8 paired with an electric motor.


The Big Bang Theory will offer big bucks through new STEM scholarship at UCLA

A new scholarship endowment funded by The Big Bang Theory and the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation will offer financial aid to undergraduates at UCLA who are in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Apple enlists Siri in fight against malicious message bug that crashes iPhones

As a number of unhappy iPhone users have recently found out the hard way, a certain text message can crash the iOS Messages app and prevent it from being reopened, and even crash the user's phone entirely.


Latest AMD Catalyst drivers put the pedal to the metal in Project CARS (and The Witcher 3, too)

If you're an AMD user wishing for a few extra frames per second in the Witcher 3 or Project Cars, the chip maker has something just for you. Both games have been given a nice performance bump with the company's new beta drivers.


Could Microsoft’s new pending trademark mean it’s working on virtual pets?

Microsoft has a pending trademark on the term "HoloPet," which may indicate the company intends to produce virtual pet software for HoloLens, similar to what was displayed on stage during the company's BUILD 2015 keynote.


The Dyson V6 Absolute is a versatile wireless vacuum in need of a better battery

The Dyson V6 Absolute is cordless, lightweight, powerful, easy to use, and comes with tons of attachments. If only it could clean my whole house without the battery dying.

  • Pros: Simple to figure out , Powerful , Lots of attachment options…
  • Cons: Short battery life , Expensive , You may need a second…

Put your ’80s pants on and get blown away by this homage kung fu masterpiece

Kung Fury is a cop who is also a kung fu master on a mission to kill Adolph Hitler in the full, Kickstarter-funded movie from writer/director/star David Sandberg, now available to watch free online.

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Rezvani’s 500-horsepower ‘Beast’ supercar to offer Apple CarPlay connectivity

American supercar builder Rezvani has announced that its striking ‘Beast’ performance vehicle will offer Apple CarPlay connectivity in June. The Beast features a 500-hp supercharged four-cylinder and can reach 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds.


Jesse Eisenberg is a stoner Jason Bourne in first trailer for American Ultra

Jesse Eisenberg plays a slacker who discovers he's actually a lethal sleeper agent in American Ultra, an upcoming film penned by Chronicle writer Max Landis and co-starring Kristen Stewart.

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Amy Hood is named in Forbes’ ‘Most Powerful Women’ list

Amy Hood was recently named to Forbes’ list of the most powerful women of 2015. Other prestigious women who were honored by Forbes include Oprah, Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates.