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Spotify to shut down its old P2P network to prevent music from eating your bandwidth

According to TorrentFreak, Spotify will soon move away from using P2P networks, and will instead stream music from its own servers. This means less hassle for you if you're worried about bandwidth.

Honeywell’s smart air purifier pulls pollen alerts from the web, adjusts fan accordingly

Honeywell just beat everyone to the punch and released a smart air purifier this week that can pull allergen alerts from the web and automatically adjust it's fan speed/filtration settings accordingly

LifePrint mobile printer partners with ZINK Imaging, has one week left for funding

LifePrint is an adorably small portable printer that lets you print pictures no matter where you are and no matter what connection you have. You can print using WiFi or your cellular network. The company recently announced a partnership with ZINK Imaging.

Is the Heartbleed bug in your pocket? 80 Android devices that could be vulnerable

We've compiled a bunch of lists to figure out which phones and tablets are vulnerable to Heartbleed across all wireless carriers. We've got 80 devices and advice if you're vulnerable.

Xiaomi teases Android tablet, looks a lot like the Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Xiaomi posted a teaser image of a possible upcoming product. The product shown sports a similar design to that of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet, but it looks nothing like recent leaks of a reported Xiaomi tablet.

Two classic Silent Hill games heading to the PS Vita

Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are both heading to the PS Vita, and will soon be available on the PlayStation Network in Europe – no word yet on a U.S. release.

Toshiba’s U3 MicroSD cards are fast enough to handle 4K video, still tiny and easy to lose

Toshiba has unveiled the world's fastest MicroSD card. Coming in 32GB and 64GB capacities, these U3-designated cards can support 4K, 2K, and live video broadcast recordings, as well as faster data transfers in smart devices and digital cameras.

Plans surface for Nintendo’s mystery new video player

Nintendo applied for and received certification in Korea for a new and unknown product that is described in the certification listing as a “small video player.”

Volkswagen Golf R 400 concept set to storm Beijing with (not quite) 400 horsepower

It may not have exactly 400 horsepower, but the Volkswagen Golf R 400 concept is shaping up to be one of the most extreme hot hatchbacks ever to cross an auto show floor. Mercedes CLA45 AMG, beware.

Osteoid is a 3D-printed cast that uses ultrasound to heal your bones 40% faster

Soon, you might never have to suffer through the stench and itchiness of plaster cast ever again. This new 3D printed cast design not only alleviates the odor and irritation, but also heals your bones faster with ultrasound.

Samsung’s Milk Music adds commercials, loses edge

Samsung's new music-streaming service launched with no-cost, ad-free listening. But - less than two months after Milk Music's launch - the South Korean company has already announced that it will soon begin charging $4 per month for an ad-free subscription.

Microsoft ships 5 million Xbox One consoles, Titanfall leads all game sales in March

Microsoft has released sales figures for the Xbox One, and the Xbox One has shipped 5 million units since its launch. The company also highlighted Titanfall’s success as the top selling game in March.

Cheapskates, rejoice! A sub-$100 Google Nexus phone could be on the way

According to a report from a Chinese online publication, Google will release a Nexus smartphone that will be powered by a MediaTek processor. More importantly, the reported handset will go on sale for less than $100.

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