This slip of paper can detect the Ebola virus in less than an hour

What if we could detect the Ebola virus the same way we test for pregnancy? A collaboration of researchers may have found the path toward making this kind of infection and virus detection as simple as a paper-based test.What if we could detect the Ebola virus…

Cool Tech

Deezer picks up podcast app Stitcher to bolster its streaming service

Deezer has yet to launch inside the US but continues to expand its streaming service nevertheless — the company has announced that it has acquired popular talk radio and podcast app Stitcher.


Cybersquat pays off as sells for $200,000

Making money on domain names is all about being in the right place at the right time, as Blue String Ventures has proved by selling the keys to for 15 times its original price.


The Queen sends out her first tweet

God save the Queen from the trolls: Elizabeth II sent out her first tweet while opening a technology exhibition at the London Science Museum, though it's "unlikely" she'll become a regular tweeter.

Social Media

The Google+ feature you’ve never used is actually one of its most innovative

Google has changed the world by sorting the world’s information, and with Project Boswell (Google+ Stories) it now hopes to become your own personal historian.

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Digital Trends Podcast – Episode 3, October 24, 2014

Trends with Benefits covers a range of topics today including the Future of Netflix and original content on both TV and streaming sources. We ask the question, “have zombies jumped the shark”. Also, Hoverboards are actually a thing… so what…


Google exec breaks Felix Baumgartner’s world record with a 26-mile skydive

After riding a helium-filled balloon up into the Earth's stratosphere, Google exec Alan Eustace cut himself loose and plummeted more than 26 miles back to the ground -- breaking Felix Baumgartner's record along the way.

Cool Tech

Wide load: Oversized drivers in the a-Jays Five mean big bass but finicky fit

Jays’ latest in-ear headphone, the a-Jays Five, offer great style and sound excellent, with just the right amount of bass boost. However, we had difficulty achieving a secure…

  • Pros: Big, punchy bass , Open midrange and revealing treble , Fun…
  • Cons: Difficult to achieve secure fit for some ears , Stiff cable

Nest acquires Revolv, adds a slew of new products to its smart home ecosystem

With plans to expand its Works With Nest developer program even more, Nest has recently acquired the smart home startup Revolv -- and also announced a slew of new additions to its ecosystem


T-Mobile wants better coverage in your home, and it’s begging the FCC to make it happen

T-Mobile wants to arm itself with low-band spectrum in order to provide better coverage in homes. To do so, however, T-Mobile wants the FCC to make changes to its spectrum auction requirements.


Buy new underwear, because Outlast 2 is coming to terrify you

The solid survival horror Outlast has a sequel in development, developer Red Barrels' Philippe Morin told Bloody Disgusting in a recent interview.


Apple to fold Beats Music into iTunes next year

The latest rumor for Beats Music comes from the Wall Street Journal, which is reporting that the service will indeed be folded into iTunes next year thanks to another terrible quarter for digital downloads.


Bayonetta 2 is a beautiful barrage of sex, violence, and surrealism

Bayonetta 2's gargantuan barrage of sex, violence, and surrealism sets the mind on fire in ways most other action games never dream of, let alone on Nintendo's game-hungry Wii U.

  • Pros: Endless imagination in setting. , Silken combat tuned for…
  • Cons: May be too forgiving for hardcore fans of the original…