Judge Dredd: Superfiend trailer metes out a harsh sentence for the crime of living

Dredd producer Adi Shankar debuts the trailer for Judge Dredd: Superfiend, his animated, unofficial spinoff of the 2012 film about the comic-book character.


It may be basic, but this 7-inch tablet has 4G and only costs $150

MetroPCS has announced the launch of the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 tablet. It may have a basic 7-inch screen, and a dual-core processor, but it will connect to the network's high speed data stream, and costs just $150.


8-player fights! Board game mode! 50 things you didn’t know about Super Smash Bros. Wii U!

Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct streaming broadcast reveals new details on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, framed in a "50 things you didn't know" presentation.


Ello legally binds itself to remaining an ethical, ad-free social network, forever

New social network Ello has become a Public Benefits Corporation, which means it must stick to rules laid out in a charter, making it illegal for it to make money from ads, or to sell your data.

Social Media

Office 365 and Surface Pro 3 are helping Microsoft make a lot of money lately

Microsoft is doing better and better from a financial standpoint. Office 365, and Surface Pro 3 sales are the root causes. Learn more here.


Free from history's baggage, the next Civilization finds freedom Beyond Earth

By Sid Meier’s rubric of 33% familiar, 33% improvements, and 33% brand new for a Civilization game, Beyond Earth certainly earns its keep as a strong new entry in the series.

  • Pros: The best elements of Civilization V distilled and…
  • Cons: AI leaders are still erratic, petulant children , Quests…

AI research: Google teams up with leading experts at Oxford University

Google is hooking up with leading researchers at Oxford University to further explore the areas of natural language understanding and image recognition in an effort to push ahead with its artificial intelligence (AI) projects.

Cool Tech

The GPS rocking, Android Wear sporting Sony SmartWatch 3 is yours for $250 with Verizon

Verizon has announced the availability of the Sony SmartWatch 3, the first Android Wear smartwatch to take advantage of the OS's latest features. It's priced at $250, and will be out at the end of October.


Fire Phone flop – Amazon takes $170 million charge on its smartphone

Amazon revealed Thursday it's taken a $170 million write-down on its Fire Phone, a handset that has failed to attract buyers following a slew of lukewarm reviews since its launch in July.

Android Army

Forget the Nokia Lumia name, from now on it’s Microsoft Lumia all the way

Microsoft has officially announced the beginning of its rebranding exercise regarding Nokia. The Nokia Lumia name, wherever it's found, will be gradually replaced with the new Microsoft Lumia name.


Man accidentally texts his probation officer asking for weed

Definitely proving to be an expedient way to land back in jail, a man in Albany, Georgia was looking for some pot and ended up accidentally asking his probation officer over a mobile text message.


Facebook Launches Rooms for iOS, an Anonymous Chatroom App

Facebook's Rooms, exclusive to iOS, is an anonymous group chat app with lots of potential.


The NYPD commissioner doesn’t like phone encryption, either

NYPD commissioner William Bratton criticized companies like Apple and Google for enabling encryption for their handsets. Bratton hopes to push legislation that would allow access to handsets without worrying about encryption.


The iPad Mini 3 is an amazing tablet and an atrocious waste of money

The iPad Mini 3 comes with an upgrade that’s as modest as can be. It’s new features include Touch ID and a gold color option.

  • Pros: Touch ID sensor , High-quality retina screen , Great size…
  • Cons: Limited upgrade over iPad Mini 2 , Last year’s specs offer…