Charter buys Time Warner Cable, becomes second-biggest U.S. cable provider

After Comcast's failed attempt to merge with Time Warner Cable, it seemed like it was only a matter of time until someone else stepped in. That someone is Charter Communications, who will acquire the company for $55 billion.

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Hub-based Logitech Harmony remotes just got smarter with this software update

It used to be that if you wanted a Logitech Harmony remote that controlled your home theater setup and also controlled your home, your choices were extremely limited. Now a software update is bringing smart-home controls to any hub-based Harmony remote.

Home Theater

Good news Xperia fans! The Xperia Z3+ is a version of the cool Xperia Z4 for everyone

Sony has finally announced an international version of the Xperia Z4. It's called the Xperia Z3+, and it has a water resistant, slim, and light body with a Snapdragon 810 chip and a 5.2-inch screen.


Elephant grabs tourist’s camera, takes surprisingly good ‘elphie’

Apparently aware of people's obsession with selfies, an elephant in Thailand recently grabbed a tourist's camera to indulge in the craze himself. The result? A fabulously framed selfie shot.


Apple promotes Jony Ive to newly created ‘chief design officer’ position

The man behind some of Apple's most iconic products has just scored a promotion. Jony Ive is now the company's chief design officer, a position that sees him remain in charge of all design while freeing him up from various administrative and management tasks.


Google rumored to release 2 awesome Nexus phones in 2015, with the help of Huawei and LG

Rumors are starting to spread about Google's next Nexus phone, and there could be two out in 2015, with one being made by Huawei and the other by LG. Here's what we think we know so far.


Font power: New panda-inspired font aims to raise awareness about endangered animal

As fonts go, this could be one of the cutest yet. Designed by creative agency Ogilvy & Mather in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, the typeface is aimed at raising awareness about the plight of the panda, of which only 1800 remain in the wild.

Cool Tech

Twitter reportedly sniffing around Flipboard, acquisition in the offing?

Twitter has acquired dozes of companies in its nine-year history as it endeavors to build out its product and advertising offerings. Reports this week suggest it's been talking to magazine-style news app Flipboard in what could be its next acquisition.

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You’re going to really want the new Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung has officially announced a limited edition Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, and if you're a fan of the superhero, you're going to love it. Resplendent in the trade mark red and gold color scheme, the phone even comes with a Arc Reactor style…


Sip gas in class with Hyundai's shockingly plush Sonata hybrid and plug-in

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid adds a plug-in variant for 2016, and it brings a streamlined body with it. The sedan also gets new driver-assist and safety tech.

  • Pros: Over 40 mpg on the highway , Eye-catching looks inside and…
  • Cons: Regenerative brakes feel spongy when pushed , Uninspired…

10 of the best Android apps you should have downloaded in May

The Google Play Store is chock full of great apps, but it can be hard to decide what to download. We browsed through a bunch of awesome apps to find the best ones you should try out in May.


DirecTV Kids will babysit your tots with age-appropriate videos and movies

DirecTV is joining the kid-friendly fray with DirecTV Kids, a new on-demand app for youngsters. It's a repackaged collection of the pay-TV provider's movies and shows.

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Snapchat hogs 75 percent of all social messaging data traffic in the U.K.

During a recent earnings call, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao explained how Snapchat now takes up 75 percent of all mobile traffic in the United Kingdom.