Sprint’s $12 Facebook plan tacks on extra costs for everything else

Sprint will offer a new pre-paid plan through Virgin Mobile, which includes a limited number of calls and texts, as well as unlimited access to Facebook or one other social network for $12 a month.


Destiny endgame features 6-player raids, daily and weekly challenges

A new interview with Bungie reveals details on Destiny's endgame content, which includes six-player co-op raids and daily/weekly "Nightfall" challenges.


Feeling blue? Experts say taking photos with camera could help lift spirits

When you're feeling down, has anyone told you not to think about it? There is some truth in that, experts say, and an activity like photography could help one get over depression and other mental disorders.


Timeful will trick you into revolutionizing your time management skills

Smart calendar and to-do list app Timeful reminds you to do good things for yourself and helps you stay productive with smart suggestions. The app recommends the best time to do certain tasks and encourages the formation of good habits.


HTC has something new to show us on August 19, but what could it be?

HTC has called members of the press to an event in New York on August 19, but hasn't given any clues as to what it will reveal. There are rumors galore though, including talk of a Windows Phone device, and a new Nexus tablet.


2015 Chrysler 200S AWD review

Rarely has one generation of car been so different from what came before. The original Chrysler 200 was so bad, it went straight to rental fleets. The new 200S AWD, however, has…

  • Pros: Powerful and smooth Pentastar V6, Charismatic Styling…
  • Cons: Frustrating nine-speed transmission, Lack of adaptive cruise…

Samsung profit hit in Q2 as company reveals plans for two new high-end phones

Increasing competition from low-cost Chinese devices and a strengthening Korean currency combined to knock Samsung's Q2 profits. Two new flagship handsets are on the way, however, with launches promised in the next six months.


Amazon offering Prime members $1 video credit if they opt for slower deliveries

Sure, it's not exactly deal of the year, but Amazon's offer of a $1 Instant Video credit for Prime members happy to wait a little longer for their ordered items could help take the pressure off the company's costly logistics and delivery operations.


Apple to lay off around 200 workers from Beats following acquisition

Apple is reportedly gearing up to cut 200 jobs at Beats, the audio hardware and music streaming company bought by the tech giant in May for $3 billion. The losses represent around 30 percent of the Beats workforce.


Japan’s new HTC J Butterfly manages to be better and worse than the HTC One M8

HTC has teamed up with Japanese network KDDI to launch the J Butterfly, a new take on its popular One M8 device. There are a few differences between the two, some of which make it better than its cousin, while others make it worse.


The latest trailer for The Maze Runner keeps things puzzling

Wes Ball's movie about a group of teenagers stuck in a labyrinth gets a new trailer that adds to the mystery ahead of the film's September premiere.


Ubisoft teases Watch Dogs DLC set in Camden, NJ

Ubisoft has tweeted a teaser of Camden, NJ as a new setting in DLC for their open world hacking game Watch Dogs.


Vocca is the voice-activated light socket that makes your Clapper look prehistoric

With the help of an microphone and some on-board natural language processing software, Vocca Light is basically the modern-day, voice-activated version of the Clapper


New website for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar adds to the movie’s mystery

A new, interactive website for director Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi film 'Interstellar' adds to the mystery surrounding the much-anticipated film.