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Street photographer Bruce Gilden candidly tells you why your photos suck

Bruce Gilden is a recognized street photographer, who is also opinionated. In a new video series for Vice Magazine, he gives brutally honest critiques on photography.


Garmin’s new smart sports watch keeps track of your texts and oxygen levels

Garmin's newest multisport GPS watch, the Forerunner 920XT, combines a smartwatch that checks your emails, calls, texts, and calendar, with the ultimate fitness tracker that monitors your endurance swimming, biking, and running.


Like your favorite jeans after a wash, Windows 10 feels fresh but familiar

With Windows 10, Microsoft returns to the safety of the familiar desktop while embracing the few things it did right with Windows 8, attempting to give users the best of both worlds. But this fusion recipe could still use some tweaking.


Cargo drop! Honda teases F1 engine and announces three Earth Dreams powerplants

Honda announced four new engines this week, and each one comes from very a different part of the spectrum. A new turbo powerplant for McLaren’s Formula 1 team has been unveiled, and three fresh Earth Dreams powertrains have gone public as well.


Kickstarter founder’s latest startup aims to crowdfund non-profits with a Dollar a Day

After co-founding the world's most successful crowdfunding platform, Perry Chen is back with yet another fundraising startup -- this time targeted directly at non-profit organizations


Forza Horizon 2 review

Forza Horizon 2 returns in a bigger and better sequel that builds on the successes of its predecessor while more capably capturing the series' underlying, undying appreciating of…

  • Pros: Big, beautiful open world , Finely tuned arcade-style racing…
  • Cons: Use of Drivatars places limits the scaling difficulty…

San Francisco and Houston get on-the-go mobile streaming for Comcast’s X1 cloud DVRs

Comcast announced today that it extended cloud-based streaming capabilities to its X1 DVR customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston markets, as well as premiering out-of-home streaming from the X1 in its new markets.

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4 reasons Comcast’s tarnished reputation is beyond repair

You may have seen the commercials: Veteran comedian Jim Gaffigan inexplicably riding along in a Comcast van, asking the employee to give him one reason he should believe Comcast has really changed. It feels a little hand fed — more corporate fiction than…

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GameLoading: Rise of the Indies documentary puts a lens to the community

The filmmakers behind the upcoming documentary GameLoading: Rise of the Indies have released a 15 minute preview of the film on their Kickstarter page.


PlexiDrone is a compact camera drone you can take apart, shove into a backpack

The PlexiDrone is a new unmanned aerial camera drone that can be easily and quickly assembled. It's designed to be easy to use, yet robust enough for heavy-duty tasks like filmmaking and aerial photography.


Windows 10: Our complete guide to Microsoft’s next OS

Microsoft may be planning to recover from Windows 8 with a new operating system that will support mouse, touch and voice input, expand and refine the Metro interface, and add a replacement for the much-missed Start menu. Here's what we've heard about Windows 9…


Craft magical maces and brew up bee bombs in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The latest in-depth feature video for Dragon Age: Inquisition focuses on potion and item crafting and customization in BioWare's upcoming epic RPG.


Ghosts are back in The Sims 4, swimming pools and new careers are on the way

Ghosts have returned to haunt your Sims in the first free content update to The Sims 4, with swimming pools and new careers promised in updates over next few months.