Want to buy a PC this holiday? Intel’s latest roadmap makes it a wise move

Intel revealed its latest processor roadmap in a recent investor call. While Broadwell is on track in mainstream notebooks the company said little about new silicon for desktops or affordable 2-in-1s.


Turtle Beach's Stealth 500x headset brings true wireless to Xbox One with stellar sound

Turtle Beach's Stealth 500x headset is the first truly wireless option for Xbox One owners. Its buttons could use better placement, but it delivers premium-quality sound at a fair…

  • Pros: Great sound with a strong dynamic range , Variety of presets…
  • Cons: Lots of accidental preset changing due to poor button…

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ teaser will hit iTunes tomorrow

We already knew that the teaser trailer for the next 'Star Wars' flick would be shown in select theaters over the holiday weekend, but Lucasfilm has announced it will also be appearing online.


Tales from the Borderlands recap: Balancing out around a ‘Zer0 Sum’ game

SPOILER ALERT: This is a recap, not a review. We’ve decided to start treating episodic releases from Telltale Games and others as incomplete for review purposes until a given “season” concludes. Reviews tell you what we think, but recaps are…


Twisted Metal and God of War’s David Jaffe developing new action title for Sony

Sony released a teaser video next month's PlayStation Experience event which points toward a new game from Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe's new independent studio.


Twitter to track your apps to help it deliver a ‘more tailored experience’

Twitter will soon start tracking the apps you have on your mobile device in a move that it says will help it to deliver more relevant content to timelines, though you can opt out if you'd rather not have the service peeking into your library.

Social Media

Eat a keyboard-shaped waffle with this $60 maker

A waffle iron that knocks out the popular snack in the shape of a computer keyboard has just landed on Kickstarter, offering waffle-loving tech geeks the chance to enjoy quite possibly the breakfast of their dreams.


GoPro developing consumer drones for 2015?

GoPro is reportedly designing its own range of drones incorporating its HD video cameras, with a launch set for next year. The move comes as major quadcopter makers switch from bundling GoPro cameras with their flying machines to using their own cameras.

Cool Tech

iPhone 6 denting iPad usage, data shows

Data from read-it-later app Pocket appears to show that iPad owners who upgraded from an iPhone 5/5S to one of Apple's iPhone 6 handsets are ignoring their tablets, with the phones' larger displays apparently meeting users' requirements for content…


Digital Trends Podcast - Episode 7

Topics this week include Black Friday deals, robot revolutions, the dreaded Selfie Stick and drone mistletoe.  It goes off topic fast. #turkeyselfiestick This episode of Trends with Benefits features Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle and Dan Gaul along with…


Turn molehills into mountains with the unmatched 65x zoom on Canon's SX60

Canon has made its newest mega-zoom even more potent. The SX60 HS has a long 65x zoom and fast performance. It’s no DSLR, but you don’t have to lug around lenses either.

  • Pros: 65x optical zoom , Quality images, decent videos , Solid LCD…
  • Cons: Relatively poor ISO performer , Some focusing issues at…

Home Depot isn’t out of the clear as it faces numerous lawsuits over data breach

Home Depot's data breach might have happened several months ago, but the company will likely face the fallout for much longer as it faces 44 civil lawsuits stemming from the data breach.


Remember the Porsche Panamera wagon? Porsche’s R&D boss says it might happen

Porsche’s Research and Development chief has new variants of the Panamera. Most likely heading for the production line is the Sport Turismo wagon, but coupe and convertible iterants are possible as well.


At least they got the name right: Horrible Bosses 2 is both horrible and a sequel

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day return for a sequel to their 2011 comedy hit, and it more than lives up to its title.


Hook this device up to your water heater and watch your utility bill shrink

Sunnovations Aquanta is a smart device for water heaters; it connects to your existing water heater and learns when it should heat water, saving energy and lowering utility bills.