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Google I/O 2015

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for sale, without the zoo or rides

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, which once housed loads of animals and amusement park rides, is on sale for $100 million. You'll probably have to prove you can pay for it before you're allowed through the gates, though.


Watch this tiny robot assemble itself, carry things around, and dissolve into nothing

When placed on a heated surface, the bot's PVC layer will contract, which, thanks to a series of strategically placed cuts, causes it to fold up into an origami shape with legs and a body.

Cool Tech

It’s official! Starting today, Facebook supports animated GIFs

Facebook has finally added support for GIFs on their desktop platform. This comes after their work around two years ago and GIF support added for their messenger in March.

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8 clever airplane concepts we hope to see on a future flight

Aircraft designers continuously look for ways to improve the flying experience. Here are a few concepts we would like to see in reality.

Cool Tech

Logitech masters the mouse, but at a mammoth price

Logitech’s MX series has always been the cream of the crop among mice, and now there’s a new entry; the MX Master. Can this $100 mouse justify its luxurious price, or are users…

  • Pros: Comfortable ergonomic design , Two scroll wheels , Numerous…
  • Cons: Small thumb buttons , Lefties need not apply , Bluetooth…

Kollekt.fm curates music from Soundcloud, Facebook, and YouTube

Kollekt.fm gives you the ability to collect and play digital music from disparate sources like YouTube, Soundcloud and music blogs in one long, never ending "feed." It's a platform for music discovery with promise, although it's currently still in its early…


Android M Hands-On: A first look at the biggest new features

We take a quick look at the recently released Android M developer preview. Highlights are a new app drawer, improved permissions management, and tweaked volume controls.


Microsoft still on track for July release of Windows 10

A leak from AMD's CEO in April suggested Microsoft will launch Windows 10 in July. The Verge claims its sources have confirmed that rumor, and that the new operating system will release to manufacturers soon.


The lawsuit over Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer class action, and no longer includes Gearbox

The plaintiffs who sued Sega and Gearbox over misleading advertising for Aliens: Colonial Marines have dropped Gearbox from the lawsuit.


Path’s social network, messaging app to be acquired by South Korean Internet firm

Path Inc. announced it is shedding its social networking and messaging apps. South Korea's Daum Kakao is acquiring the apps to expand its mobile messaging efforts in growing Asian markets, while Path Inc. will pursue other ventures.

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Trends with Benefits: The Best of Google I/O and the Pizza Box Projector

Google I/O is on our minds this week as we patch Nick in from Google's grandest show of the year. Conspiracy Dan, the Gravity Light, and a Pizza Projector Box also make the rounds in this week's show.


Online video will account for 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic by 2019

Factors for the predicted increase include more users relying on streaming TV, more people on the Internet at large, and demand for higher quality video, all of which could have huge ramifications for the future of the Web.

Google wants to kill the password, and came up with an ingenius way to do it

Google's ATAP group aims to hasten the password's obsolescence with two separate initiatives, Project Abicus and Project Vault. Both, ATAP promises, are far superior to PINs and passwords.


Steve Jobs’ prophecy could come true, PC sales slump for the fourth year running

As PC sales continue to slump for the fourth year in a row, a new report from the IDC claims that the trend of consumers choosing mobile devices over desktops doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.