Trends with Benefits: Nintendo nostalgia, forcefields, zapping pain with sound

Nintendo has a new system, but we really just want its game on smartphones, Facebook wants to publish news, but we really just want it to link, and force fields protect from explosions, but we really just want them to protect from Nerf darts.


15 major problems with the iPhone 6, and what to do about them

Is your iPhone 6 acting up? Are you hunting for a workaround or a solution? From Bendgate to Bluetooth, we’ve got a list of issues. Come on in for a roundup of common iPhone 6 problems and fixes.


Don’t tell Ewan McGregor: Russians want to build a highway from New York to London

The president of Russian Railways has proposed a plan to connect the U.S. to Europe and Asia with a highway that crosses the Bering Strait. It’s unspecified how the crossing would be done, but would connect a new trans-Siberian roadway with Europe’s…


Test drive your dream home: Appliance retailer lets you try before you buy

Not sure how that fancy new dishwasher will really work or if you'll be able to figure out the complicated controls? Home appliance retailer Pirch lets consumers try out all manner of appliances before they buy the products.


Here’s your first look at Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool movie costume

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has posted a photo of himself in costume as the Marvel Comics mercenary that he'll bring to the screen in 2016, and also added some fitting sarcasm to the table.

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One Direction break-up causes ‘spike of sadness’ on Spotify, streams increase 1900 percent

Following the departure of Zayn Malik from boy band One Direction, Spotify reports seeing what it calls a "spike of sadness" with a 1,900 percent increase in the streaming of One Direction tunes in the U.K., and an 800 percent increase in the U.S.


Google is making robots that could one day assist with surgery

Google and Johnson & Johnson announced a partnership to produce robots capable of assisting surgeons in the operating room. It's unclear what the robots will look like or what duties they will perform.

Cool Tech

Chrome OS now includes Google Now in launcher, providing a customized experience

Google has improved the functionality of its Chrome OS app launcher with the latest beta update, adding a Google Now search bar with cards giving the user information on local weather, traffic and more.


You may soon be able to use Android apps on your Windows Phone

Microsoft is reportedly considering including an Android app emulator in Windows Phone 10. If the company follows through with the idea, users may soon be able to add Android apps on their Windows smartphones.


You'll have to work hard to afford HP's ZBook 15u G2

HP’s new ZBook 15u G2 is built to bring ultrabook portability to workstation users, but can it successfully balance on the tightrope spanning performance and battery life?

  • Pros: Fast enough to handle general work , Design is clean…
  • Cons: Too expensive for what you get , 1080p doesn’t impress at…

Dumbledore takes a different turn in J.K. Rowling’s dark new political miniseries

HBO has debuted a new trailer for The Casual Vacancy, the dark new political miniseries based on Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling's first adult novel. The miniseries will air on April 29 and April 30 on HBO.

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Tickets for The International, the world’s largest eSports tournament, go on sale today

There is no larger eSports tournament in the world than the International, which sees Dota 2 teams fighting over some of the biggest prizes in gaming history. Tickets for The International 5 go on sale today.


Craig T. Nelson will return as Hayden Fox in new Coach series for NBC

The nine-season NBC series Coach that won Craig T. Nelson a Primetime Emmy Award is returning to television as a sequel series set years after the original. NBC has green-lit the series for an initial 13-episode season.

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