iPhone 6S and iPhone 6C Rumors: Did Apple just carelessly leak the iPhone 6C?

Apple may have recently launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but news of the iPhone 6S and an iPhone 6C are already on its way. Here is all the key information we think we know so far, including specs, and a possible release date.


Pizza Hut highlights selfie stick dangers in brilliant spoof ad

What's Pizza Hut got to do with selfie sticks? Not a lot, but that hasn't stopped it coming up with a hilarious public service announcement warning of the dangers of selfie stick abuse.


Online dating giant AdultFriendFinder hacked, highly personal info nabbed

Online dating giant AdultFriendFinder confirmed Thursday its computer system has been hacked. Reports suggest personal information belonging to millions of users has been taken, including data revealing usernames, email addresses, and sexual orientation.


Watch golf balls get shot out of an amazing, sci-fi style propane cannon

What could be better than a dramatic, sci-fi-style homemade propane cannon? How about one that gets modified to shoot golf balls 600 feet into the air? That's what this mad scientist has done, and it's very cool indeed.

Cool Tech

Adobe brings curtain down on Photoshop Touch, teases Project Rigel

As part of its ongoing strategy to revamp its approach to mobile, Adobe has announced it's ending support for its Photoshop Touch mobile image editing software and removing it from app stores next week.


Uber’s self-driving car project gets into gear, vehicle spotted on Pittsburgh streets

Uber has confirmed it's ramping up its driverless car efforts after one of its test vehicles was spotted on the streets of Pittsburgh, close to the location of its recently opened Advanced Technologies Center.


Firefox will scan your browsing history to suggest advertiser sites

Possibly a feature that you will want to flip off if privacy is important to you, Mozilla is working with advertisers to suggest sponsored sites that are related to your Web browsing history.


Wearables for Good challenge looks to help the underprivileged through tech

Wearables such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit may seem like trivial toys for the wealthy, but a new contest is looking to harness the power of this technology to help the poor and underprivileged in developing nations.

Cool Tech

Ossur and Johns Hopkins both announce mind-controlled bionic limbs

A bionic breakthrough is on the horizon, and it all starts with mind control. On Wednesday, two separate announcements from two separate labs heralded the next generation in prosthetics -- a mind-controlled artificial limb.

Cool Tech

Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things codenamed "Brillo." This should be announced next week at Google I/O. This marks an important step in Google entering the IOT market after purchasing Nest and other companies.


This hydrogen-powered drone can theoretically fly for four hours straight

Instead of using the standard lithium-ion cells that most drones rely on for power, the upcoming Hycopter drone uses hydrogen as its energy source. A working version is under development

Cool Tech

Brilliant new 3D printer folds up like a briefcase, prints dozens of different materials

The Focus is the first 3D printer specifically designed for easy transport. It's also compatible with an extremely wide range of materials and promises intuitive operation. For now, though, you can only snag one through Kickstarter.

Cool Tech

Rockstar is suing the BBC over its making-of-GTA drama

Rockstar Games has decided to take legal action against the BBC over its upcoming dramatization of Grand Theft Auto's creation, starring Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar founder Sam Houser.


Pandora buys major data firm to get to know you better

Music streaming service Pandora acquires Next Big Sound to better understand its users' listening habits. The partnership will also make Pandora a more valuable partner for artists and labels.