Microsoft will bring Minecraft to Windows Phone

Did Microsoft buy Minecraft to give Windows Phone a much-needed boost? Xbox chief Phil Spencer has confirmed that the hit game will be coming to Microsoft's mobile platform in the near future.


Not digging the curve? Samsung’s HU8550 4K/UHD TV is flatter, thinner, and cheaper

We take a close look at the HU8550, which is the best flat-screen 4K/UHD TV Samsung makes this year. It also happens to be a better bargain.

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Flipping through The Manual: Packs to go fast, food-truck pods, tie clips 101

Burned out on apps, keys and screens? Improve your analog life this weekend! Digital Trends’ brother site The Manual exists to give men straight-up advice, from unspoken suit rules you need to know, to the latest in fashion, food, drink, travel, grooming and…

The Manual

Audi chief confirms third TT bodystyle … but will it be a crossover?

Audi has confirmed plans to expand the TT family with a new body style. Rumors indicate the third member of the TT lineup will be a four-door crossover inspired by the TT offroad concept.


NASA is about to send a 3D printer into space

In the not-too-distant future, astronauts could be printing their own equipment and parts whilst in orbit. After extensive testing, NASA is sending its first 3D printer into space this weekend.

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Never sleep again after watching this Silent Hill concept trailer

A concept trailer for P.T., the "playable teaser" for what we now know to be Silent Hills, made an appearance at Tokyo Game Show, and it's a creepy good time.


Gone Home is back as a Counter-Strike map

If you thought that 2013's Gone Home needed a little something else, like headshots, you're not alone: the game's suburban house has been reproduced as a map for Counter-Strike.


Let Bono be a lesson: Celeb tech endorsements are better for laughs than sales

Apple's embarrassing flirtation with U2 and subsequent backlash only proves the obvious: Picking random celebrities to endorse phones and other gadgets is a recipe for disaster. Because as much as publications like TMZ suggest otherwise, we're not as dumb and…


Android L will have built-in encryption, just like iOS

At the moment we still don't know what Android L will be called or when it's going to appear, but we do know it will feature always-on encryption, putting it on a par with Apple's iOS 8.


Lichdom Battlemage review

Indie newcomer Xaviant's Lichdom: Battlemage shows lots of promise, with a novel approach to shooter gameplay and an impressively deep spellcrafting system, but it suffers from…

  • Pros: Gorgeous world , Satisfyingly nuanced combat , Deep…
  • Cons: Uneven progression pacing results in too much grind , Linear…

Marantz unveils its sexy new HD-DAC1 premium headphone amp

Marantz unloads another piece of premium gear with its new HD-DAC1 headphone amp. The amp/DAC plays multiple high-resolution file formats, including DSD, and will push everything from headphones, to speakers.

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

We review the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s biggest phone to date. Surprisingly, we really like it.

  • Pros: Industry-leading design, build quality , Reachability…
  • Cons: 16GB storage on base model is not enough , Large size is too…

LG sets Guinness World Record for largest outdoor advertisement

LG revealed that it set the Guinness World Record for largest outdoor advertising structure. The billboard is located in the capital of Saudi Arabia near the King Khalid International Airport.


How to set up Family Sharing in iOS 8

Apple has made it easier than ever to connect with your family in iOS 8. To help you get set up with Family Sharing, we've set up this simple walkthrough.


Mythbusting: Nvidia debunks lunar landing conspiracy

As an awesome demonstration of its newest graphics cards, Nvidia has put together a simulation to debunk longtime accusations that the 1969 moon landing was a hoax.