The hydrogen-fueled Toyota Mirai will change the way you think about transportation

Toyota’s all-new Mirai represents one of the auto industry’s biggest ventures into hydrogen fuel cell technology. The futuristic FCV can travel 300 miles on a single tank, and the only emission it produces is water.


Save your money for more movies with one of these Blu-ray players for under $100

When it comes to Blu-ray players, just a few extra bucks can make all the difference. Check out our five, favorite players currently on the market, whether you're looking for a device with 3D support or access to a vast number of streaming services.

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Thedas was wracked by Garden Warfare in this Dragon Age: Inquisition easter egg

Eagle-eyed gamer FioraAeterna tweeted an easter egg in the Dragon Age: Inquisition codex that refers to Plants vs. Zombies, PopCap's tower defense series, also published by EA.


Hollywood adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand will be a four-film series

The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone says his upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's epic novel The Stand will be a four-part series of movies.


Dual motors, towing, and AWD? Tesla’s Model X might actually be worth the wait

Tesla recently emailed Model X reservation holders to thank them for their patience while the SUV is completed. The company also confirmed the crossover will feature a dual motor layout and all-wheel drive.


Only happy accidents: here are the best Error 404 pages on the Web

We all know 404 pages are a bad sign. Thankfully, though, some Web developers have transformed their error pages into something more. Check out 17 of our favorite 404 pages on the Web, whether you prefer screaming goats, trippy visuals, or awkward…


Get those wish lists ready, boys and girls, Acer is ready to kick off Black Friday

Acer has jumped the gun and given us a taste of what's in store this Black Friday on the computing deal front. Spoiler alert: hot gear, massive discounts.


Unisex doesn’t cut it: Tech world, we need attractive wearables for women

Beautiful wearables for women are on their way. Many startups have made attractive smart jewelry, and now major manufacturers are taking notice.


NoogaNet is Chattanooga’s free public Wi-Fi network

The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, started a competition in September to name its free public Wi-Fi network, and the results are in: With nearly half of the vote, “NoogaNet” is the winner, beating four other citizen-submitted names.


Seatylock is a bike lock you sit on – because it’s also a comfortable bicycle saddle

The Seatylock is, simply put, a bicycle saddle that can be detached and used as a lock in about 30 seconds. When it’s separated from the bike, the Seatylock extends to turn into a multi-jointed, one-meter (about 3.3 feet) long hardened steel bike lock.

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Cold weather got you worried about bursting pipes? Water Hero has your back

Water Hero, a new device that's recently launched on Kickstarter, is designed to autonomously monitor and control your home's plumbing system to prevent pipe bursts.


Amazon makes up ground on Netflix streaming traffic ahead of its free video service

Amazon Instant Video more than doubled its share of bandwidth traffic in North America in the past year and a half, making up ground at the heels of the streaming king, Netflix.

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9 Nexus 9 tips you need to know about

These handy Nexus 9 tips and tricks will help you extract maximum flavor from your Lollipop tablet. Find out what the hardware and Google’s latest Android version are really capable of.


Flipping through The Manual: Life-saving backpacks, eggnog upgrades and more

Burned out on apps, keys and screens? Improve your analog life this weekend! Digital Trends’ brother site The Manual exists to give men straight-up advice, from unspoken suit rules you need to know, to the latest in fashion, food, drink, travel, grooming and…

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