Priest installs cell phone jammer in church for silent sermons

A priest in Italy became so fed up with his services being constantly interrupted by cell phones going off that he decided to put a jammer inside his church. Not everyone's happy about it, though....


Wikipedia pulls together lots of its content to create its first ‘year in review’ video

Wikipedia has pulled together a ton of site contributions from over the past 12 months to create a video offering a lightning look at 2014 and to celebrate all the effort that goes into building and maintaining the popular online encyclopedia.


4 tech trends we’re going to see blow up at CES 2015

The 2015 CES, the biggest gadget show of the year, is mere weeks away. From wearables to the Internet of Things to smartphone cases galore, here's what we expect to see.


Uber details plans for improved rider safety, includes lie detector tests for new drivers

With the ride-hailing service coming under increasing scrutiny over the way it screens drivers, Uber knows that at the very least it has to be seen to be taking steps to improve the reliability of the process. This week it laid out some plans.


HP’s new Stream 8 tablet comes with Windows 8.1, and 200MB of free data each month

HP has put two new, reasonably priced tablet up for sale, which run full Windows 8.1 rather than Android, or Windows RT. The Stream 7 and Stream 8 share similar specifications, but the larger tablet comes with 200MB of T-Mobile data for free each month.


Snapchat quietly put down $15m for a company that makes smart glasses

Leaked emails have revealed that back in March Snapchat quietly acquired a company that makes smart glasses. The startup apparently paid $15 million for the company, though the reasons for the purchase aren't altogether clear.

Social Media

Virgin America completes rollout of faster Gogo ATG-4 Wi-Fi across fleet

Virgin America has completed installation of ATG-4 inflight Wi-Fi from Gogo, which is three-times faster than its previous air-to-ground system. But it's a baby step toward even faster Wi-Fi that's coming soon.

Cool Tech

Volvo starts over from scratch, will replace entire line by 2018

Volvo has made the news a lot in the last year, thanks to the introduction of new engines and the debut of the stunning new XC90. But the Swedish automaker is just getting started; Volvo is planning on releasing as many as seven new cars in the next three…


U.S. intelligence states North Korea was behind attack on Sony Pictures

Newly reported, off-the-record statements from U.S. intelligence claim North Korea was a key player in the attacks against Sony and suggest an official response may be forthcoming.


Quieter, roomier and more stylish than ever, Kia's Sorento keeps getting better

Kia’s all-new 2016 Sorento is a dramatic improvement over the 2015 version. Bolstered by a new 2.0-liter turbo engine and reimagined interior styling, Kia’s CUV is quickly eyeing the top of its class.


Sony cancels the December 25 release of The Interview amidst hacker threats [updated]

The group responsible for the massive Sony email hack has invoked the September 11 terrorist attack in a threat against theaters showing The Interview.

Movies & TV

Neil Gaiman says Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for Sandman, but so is Tom Hiddleston

Sandman author Neil Gaiman explains why Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for Morpheus, but Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston would be great casting, too.

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