This glow in the dark spray paint helps cyclists stand out, not get knocked down

You can cover yourself in LED lights and wear a bunch of reflectors if you're off out for a nighttime cycle ride, but car giant Volvo also suggests you spray yourself head to toe in LifePaint, a new product that lets night riders glow in the dark.

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While smarter watches make life easier, smarter prosthetics make life better

It’s pretty easy to lose perspective when you write about the same thing day and day out. After a while, subject matters become so central to your way of thinking, it’s easy to forget how much the things you write about really matter to people’s lives…


See the exciting HTC One M9+ ahead of its April launch

HTC could launch a phablet-sized version of the One M9 called the One M9+ soon. Reports say it may be even more powerful that the flagship and sport a sharper screen. The device could arrive this spring.


Musical glitterati back Jay Z’s Spotify rival on Twitter with #Tidal4All

Big-name musical stars on Twitter are backing #Tidal4All, a trending topic designed to promote Jay Z's newly relaunching Tidal music service, which costs $20 per month for lossless audio streaming.


More goofy than Google Glass, Sony’s SmartEyeGlass specs are now yours for $840

Sony has just launched the developer edition of its Glass-like SmartEyeglass specs, though with its attention-grabbing looks (not in a good way) and hefty $840 price tag, the company may need to accompany the gadget with some convincing marketing spiel.


Apple will make Watch Edition buyers feel special before they hand over $17,000

With the Apple Watch Edition starting at $10,000, potential customers may well be expecting some special treatment when they walk into an Apple Store asking to see the device. A report Sunday suggests they won't be disappointed.


RHA’s snazzy new T10i in-ears boast booming bass that doesn’t drown out everything else

RHA's classy new premium T10i offer solid build quality thanks to cleverly designed mold-injection steel components, as well as plenty of enjoyable moment from their rich, bassy sound signature.


Fingerprints were just the start: 5 futuristic ways your phone may identify you

Swipe to unlock is so old-fashioned these days. Although fingerprint sensors are very popular on high-end smartphones, there are many other new ways to unlock your smartphone. Here are the best ones we've tried in real life.


Without Diesel power, 2 Fast 2 Furious gets stuck in the Miami sand

Vin Diesel's absence in 2 Fast 2 Furious notably dampens the movie's appeal, even if those of us lucky enough to review the film 12 years later know he'll be back later in the franchise.

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The Windows Store is slowly improving, but after almost three years shouldn't it be better?

The Windows app Store has been a mess. Visually, the re-designed Store (beta) is an improvement and Microsoft is creating the conditions for better apps. Microsoft apparently listened to feedback Will developers listen up, too?


Volvo LifePaint is an invisible spray that makes cyclists visible to drivers at night

When you ride your bicycle at night, you’re essentially invisible to drivers, which can lead to all sorts of hazards. Volvo has created a temporary spray that makes bicyclists visible when in the line of car headlights during those perilous nighttime hours.