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Elon Musk sets the Internet on fire with announcement of mysterious Tesla ‘D’

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the electric car-maker will unveil a new model, known only as "D" next week. It could be an updated version of the current Model S electric car.


Sigma’s new telephoto zoom lenses have you covered in nearly all shooting scenarios

Sigma has announced a new 18-300mm superzoom lens as well as two 150-300m super-telephoto zoom lenses. With their long focal lenghts, one lens will cover you in most photography shooting situations.


Cortana referenced multiple times in Windows 10 system files

It looks like a certain virtual voice assistant will eventually make its way to Windows 10. Learn more here.


Road Rave: Hybrid hypercars are here … but not to stay

The stunning new Lamborghini Asterion is the latest in the trend of hybrid hypercars. But is the use of hybrids in high-performance cars a fad or a trend that will define the future of high performance motoring? We read the tea leaves to find out.


Lumia 530 with Windows Phone 8.1 arrives at T-Mobile and Cricket (updated)

Nokia, or should that be Microsoft, announced the Lumia 530 earlier this year, and now it has been confirmed for sale by the T-Mobile and Cricket networks, plus several high-street retailers.


Angry Birds movie set to soar in 2016 with star-studded cast

Celebrating the milestone of one billion birds flung from its catapult, Rovio has revealed the cast list behind its forthcoming Angry Birds movie. The big names include Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, and Maya Rudolph.


Adam Sandler ditches theaters to star in four exclusive Netflix movies

Adam Sandler will produce four movies exclusively for Netflix. The comedian's international appeal inspired Netflix to offer the deal, which it hopes will help it gain more subscribers.

Home Theater

LG wants to make a smartwatch powered by WebOS

LG has plans to bring WebOS back to the mobile world, just not installed on a smartphone, but a smartwatch instead. A developer website gave the game away, but revealed little in the way of detail.


San Francisco launches free Wi-Fi in public spaces, with help from Google

Announced over a year ago, San Francisco on Wednesday delivered on its promise to roll out free Wi-Fi in public spaces across the city. The project was made possible thanks to $600,000 worth of funding from Google.


First drive: 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster

With a cloth top and a 565-horsepower V12 under the hood, the 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster is -- at first glance -- obviously one of the coolest cars on the road. Delightfully, the experience is only heightened by dropping behind the steering…


Twitter invests $10 million in MIT social media research lab

Twitter has invested $10m in the creation of a new social media lab at MIT, with researchers planning to analyze the various ways in which people use social media to engage with one another and share information.

Social Media

Martian Notifier smartwatch gets iOS 8 support, and new screen tap feature

Martian, makers of the cool Notifier smartwatch, has pushed out a pair of updates for the device. The new firmware adds iOS 8 support, and a clutch of new features are included in the app.


FAA orders airlines to replace cockpit displays in 1300 jets over Wi-Fi interference

The Federal Aviation Administration is ordering airlines to replace cockpit displays on more than 1,300 Boeing 737 and 777 planes following concerns over Wi-Fi interference that could cause the screens to go blank.


Vertu goes chic with the sleek new, $6,800 Aster smartphone

Vertu has announced its second phone of 2014, the Aster. It's a chic, sleek alternative to last year's Constellation smartphone. The design is more subtle, but the tech has been boosted to match the high-end Signature Touch.