Fans compete to create cover art for new Arrested Development boxed set

Twentieth Century Fox today announced it has teamed up with series creator Mitch Hurwitz to search for the best fan-made cover art for the season 4 box set. To enter the contest, fans must simply upload their original artwork to the official Tumblr page.

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Netflix now lets you choose which Facebook friends you recommend movies to

Netflix announced today that it has revamped its social recommendation feature with a more seamless Facebook sharing process and, more importantly, has made that process as private as each individual user wants it to be.

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Fetishizing cassettes, the dignity of LPs, more from the mind of Robyn Hitchcock

From his days in The Soft Boys to his latest solo work, Robyn Hitchcock has seen it all. And he has a pretty good idea what's next: bioimplants, fetishizing dying formats, and a lot more great music.


Star Destroyer vs. Battlestar Galactica? A look at Dreadnought’s formula for fun

Yager Developments' Peter Holzapfel, game director on Dreadnought, shares the first details of the game's episodic story mode, including the fact that veteran comic book writer Dan Abnett is working on building the universe.


Yamaha’s new sound base wants to immerse you in audio with its ‘sound beams’

Yamaha jumps into the sound base category with its new SRT-1000. The $500 wood enclosed unit promises to offer better sound immersion than its competitors via Yamaha's proprietary Digital Sound Projector technology.

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Samsung unveils its baby M3 multi-room speaker, new curved sound bar at IFA

Samsung completes its multi-room speaker trifecta with the junior-sized Shape M3. The speaker marks the most affordable of Samsung's multi-room speaker lineup, joining the M5 and flagship M7. The company also unveiled a new curved sound bar to match its curved…

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Tiny football player excuses any glitch in Madden NFL 15

A glitch in Madden NFL 15 turns a rookie linebacker in Madden Ultimate Team into a foot-high mutant that, despite his size, continues to be a defensive threat.


Google Chrome usage dips below 20 percent on desktops, while Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer gain

Google Chrome got a little less popular in the desktop world last month. You can learn more here.


Windows 8 and 8.1 both gain users, but still can’t touch Windows XP, even combined

Windows 8 and 8.1 gains users, but neither can still sniff the amount of computers that Windows XP is still installed on. Learn more here.


Epson joins wearable craze with Runsense and Pulsense fitness trackers

Epson introduced a series of new wearable devices, including the Runsense and Pulsense fitness trackers. Both work with companion apps and aim to make you healthy.


Destiny Planet View is like Google Maps in space, with aliens

Activision and Bungie launch Destiny Planet View, a Google Maps-style exploration of three alien locations featured in the upcoming game.


First Drive: 2015 Infiniti Q70

The Infiniti Q70 badge has only been around since the 2014 model year, but Infiniti’s redesigned 2015 model is already at the top of its class. The driving experience has been…

  • Pros: Excellent performance from V6 and V8 models , Appealing and…
  • Cons: Some interior materials look chintzy