5 ways Amazon can make the next Fire Phone burn brighter

Amazon has steadily improving the content and services for its devices over the years -- don't count them out in the smartphone space just yet. Here are a few things Amazon could do to make the next Fire phone burn brighter.


UPS says customer information at risk following hack

The UPS Store revealed Wednesday it's been the victim of a cyber attack in which customer details such as names, postal addresses, email addresses and payment card information "may have been exposed."


Latest Glass update offers improved contact management and more control over messaging

Google is continuing to tweak its Glass software in response to feedback from its army of Explorer testers, on Thursday announcing yet another update bringing new features. However, there's still no word on when the device will go on general sale.

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LG’s new L Bello and L Fino smartphones steal the G3′s looks, but ignore its specs

LG has pre-launched the L Bello and L Fino smartphones, a pair of mid-range devices which share the G3's looks and its new Android user interface, ahead of the IFA tech show in Berlin.


Theater tests system that displays audience texts on the big screen

Likely incredibly distracting when watching a film, a group of movie theaters is testing a system that allows audience members to send real-time comments about a movie to be displayed on the theater screen.


Hands on: Sharp Aquos Crystal

We go hands on with Sharp’s re-emergence in the U.S. market, this time on Sprint. The Aquos Crystal has virtually no bezel at all.

  • Pros: Bezel-free screen, Refreshing design, Solid specs
  • Cons: Not full HD screen, Mid-range specs on U.S. model…

Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith to team up with their daughters for Yoga Hosers movie

Kevin Smith's next film will feature his daughter, Johnny Depp, and Depp's daughter in a comic-book style movie set in Canada titled "Yoga Hosers."


Former Deus Ex and BioWare devs kickstarting Sienna Storm

The lead writer for Deux Ex and a senior designer from BioWare have joined forces as Digital Knights to Kickstart a hand-drawn, cyberpunk, spy thriller called Sienna Storm.


EA Sports cancels Season Ticket and Sports Arena subscriptions

EA Sports Season Ticket, an annual subscription service that allowed early access to the publisher's sports games and discounted DLC, will be phased out by early 2016.


Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition review

Hearkening back to the childhood days of playing Milton Bradley's Operation, Bossa Studios' Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition abuses players with its mix of vague objectives…

  • Pros: Hilariously awkward to play, Fun to rummage around with…
  • Cons: Unreliable motion control calibration, Elements of…

Samsung to cough up $2.3 million for lying to U.S. government

Samsung has reached a settlement with the Justice Department. The settlement, priced at $2.3 million, is a result of Samsung lying to the U.S. government about where its products were manufactured.


With new Nest compatibility, your Big Ass Fan can now talk to your thermostat

In addition to all of its nifty environmental sensors and preference-learning abilities, the Haiku smart fan can now work with your Nest thermostat to optimize the temperature of your home autonomously


Brazil Prosecutor wants Apple and Google to remove ‘Secret’ from app stores and devices

A Brazilian prosecutor is pushing for Google and Apple to not only remove the Secret app from their app stores, but also from devices that have the app installed. Cyberbulling and harassment were cited as reasons.

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When it comes to piracy, Orange is the New Black is the new Game of Thrones

New data from Tru Optik, a digital media research firm, shows that Netflix's original show Orange is the New Black has climbed to the third spot on the list of the most popular TV shows on file-sharing networks for Q2 2014.

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Following the success of the Hellcat, could a supercharged Dodge Viper be in the works?

Not to be outshined by the 707-hp Hellcat, the Dodge Viper may be adding forced induction in the near future. Current reports say the Viper could be given the addition of a supercharger, producing upwards of 750 horsepower and reclaiming the throne as…