10 of the best Netflix originals to binge away your day

Looking for a new show to binge watch on your day off? Check out our roundup of the best Netflix Original Series currently streaming on the platform, whether you're in the mood for a gritty crime drama or a dysfunctional comedy.

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Top 17-inch laptop bags for gamers, professionals and photographers

Having trouble with your brick of a laptop? We've rustled up the best 17-inch bags, packs and cases around to store your desktop-replacement for every type of travel.


Tired of posters falling off your wall? Try Voltaglue, the voltage-dependent adhesive

A new glue is making its debut, and it even works underwater. This is because Voltaglue only hardens when an electrical charge is applied. This allows for it to remain effective even in conditions that generally render adhesives ineffective

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Want to share your mood? Do it with the wearable-first app Vibes

Enter Magic Vibes Corporation, the company that is finally paying wearables the attention they deserve when it comes to applications, and for now, its primary offering is a mood app it calls Vibes.

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Jesse Owens biopic Race sprints to the box-office with early release

You'll be seeing Focus Features' Jesse Owens biopic sooner rather than later, as the studio has decided to release the film almost two months before it was originally scheduled to hit theaters.

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Crazy driver? Self-driving cars are learning your habits on the road

Thanks to the work of Katherine Driggs-Campbell of University of California, Berkeley, self-driving cars may one day soon be able to predict when human drivers will change lanes on the road.


How to use manual mode on the LG G4 and take amazing pictures

The LG G4 is one of the best smartphones of 2015, partly due to the built-in camera. Here's our guide on how to better utilize the camera's manual components, whether shooting JPEGS or in Raw.


15 tech products that will make becoming new parents a little easier

Expecting but don't know what to expect from your baby registry? From baby monitors and steamers to sterilizers, we’ve compiled a list of the best baby products every new parent should buy.


Ingenious 3D printed wheelchair lever makes pushing more efficient

Student team develop the Hand Drive, an affordable 3D printed attachment that turns any wheelchair into an efficient lever-powered chair.

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Wish you had a modern-day palace? Check out this huge Florida mansion

A massive mansion currently under construction in Florida would make most of us more reconsider living with our parents if they were the owners. Philanthropist Kiran Patel is building it as a residence for his family, which includes three adult children.