Staples is the latest company to announce a credit card data breach

Probably not the last retailer to suffer a massive breach of credit card data this year, office supply chain Staples is looking into the loss of consumer payment information and significant fraudulent activity.


The Roost smart battery adds smartphone connectivity to your oldschool smoke alarm

Despite the fact that it looks like a regular 9-volt battery from the outside, the Roost smart battery let you connect your smoke alarm to your Wi-Fi network


With the next-gen Apex suit, running into a fire has never been smarter

Today’s first responders rely more on grit and experience than tech, but a new type of suit, codenamed Apex, could help deliver life-saving intel to these these brave men and women through wearable technology.


Apple acknowledges iCloud hacking in China, but says its servers are safe

Apple acknowledges iCloud hacking in China, but says its servers are safe. The man-in-the-middle attack aims to compromise the credentials of iCloud users.


Flickr’s simple ‘Park or Bird’ tool is actually a demo of complex image recognition

Flickr's new "Park or Bird" analyzes a photo to tell you if it was photographed in a national park, and if it contains a bird. It seems useless, but it demonstrates the work Flickr's computer vision team is putting into image search.


Worried the iPhone 6 Plus won’t fit in your pants? Let carriers enlarge your pocket!

Likely a publicity stunt, Chinese mobile carrier China Unicom hired a tailor that offers to enlarge your pocket to fit the iPhone 6 Plus. Such a stunt isn't new, as a mobile carrier in the Netherlands did the same thing last month.


A mercenary, archer, and mage walk into a bar: Meet your Dragon Age: Inquisition mates

The latest look at BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition shows off some of the companions you can acquire to fight alongside, chat up, and even romance over the course of your inquisition.


If you’re feeling sinister: Play as the Black Hand of Sauron in free Shadow of Mordor DLC

Warner Brothers and Monolith have released the free "Power of Shadow" DLC for the recently-released Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on Xbox One, coming soon on PS4 and Steam.


Looking for an easy A? PhotoMath solves equations with your phone’s camera

PhotoMath, an app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, lets you solve math problems with your smartphone's camera using optical character recognition.


There’s almost no chance Congress will force companies to decrypt their phones

Even though FBI director James Comey wants Congress to step in if companies don't decrypt their phones, lawmakers don't sound like they will do that. In fact, a measure expanding the FBI's surveillance power will most likely die in Congress.


Fury director’s adaptation of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad described as ‘Dirty Dozen with supervillains’

Fury director David Ayer describes his upcoming DC Comics movie Suicide Squad as "Dirty Dozen with supervillains" and asks why we need good guys in movies.