Apple HomeKit devices are popping up! So wait, what’s HomeKit again?

Apple HomeKit integrates smart lights, thermostats and other connected household objects, and compatible devices are finally available. Get all the details about HomeKit in this speedy video.


Make your wallet hate you by getting your Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus dipped in gold

Vietnamese gold-plating shop Karalux is back at it with its 24K gold treatment, this time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. You can either buy handset in gold or you can send in either handset and have it turned to gold.


This coffee-based 3D printing filament emits a pleasant smell while you print with it

It might sound like a gimmick at first, but filament derived from old coffee grounds actually boasts a number of advantages over traditional PLA. It also emits a pleasant smell when you print with it.

Cool Tech

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10532 with improved context menus and more

The latest Windows 10 build adds an improved look and feel to the context menu and public feedback, but otherwise just squashes bugs and makes small tweaks.


Like AirBnB for solar power, Yeloha lets you use other people’s rooftops for energy

Yeloha has a novel idea for expanding solar power in cities -- sharing. We already share apartments, cars, and bikes, so why not solar panels, too.

Cool Tech

Vivid 3D model shows how cancer cells multiply and migrate in a tumor

A team of scientists from the University of Edinburgh, Harvard University, and John Hopkins University have created a 3D model to visualize the growth and differentiation of cancer cells inside a tumor.

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NASA’s new 3D printed rocket parts work just as well as the old-fashioned ones

After running a series of rigorous heat-tests, NASA found its 3D-printed rocket injectors hold up to extreme conditions as well as traditionally made parts.

Cool Tech

Surivive the apocalypse with The Division: New York Collapse

Ubisoft and Chronicle Books have announced The Division: New Your Collapse, an "interactive" field guide containing notes from a survivor of the apocalypse, as well as tips for surviving a fallen New York City.


Samsung Galaxy O7 leaked specs in benchmark

A new leak has revealed most of the specifications for the Galaxy O7, the newest smartphone from Samsung reportedly launching later this year. It is one of Samsung's budget smartphones to win over customers from Asia and Africa.


Apparently, Americans think it’s ok to be on your phone just about anywhere

According to a recent Pew Research Center study regarding Americans' view on acceptable cell phone behavior, most of us (77 percent) believe that walking (or zigzagging, really) down the street while on your phone is totally acceptable.


Rocket League, Portal 2 free with Steam Link pre-orders

Steam creator Valve announced a pre-order incentive for its upcoming Steam Link hardware, offering free digital copies of Portal 2 and Rocket League for early adopters of the gaming-focused TV streaming device.


Jeep’s Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will punish performance SUV rivals at half their price

FCA has revealed that the upcoming Jeep Gran Cherokee Trackhawk will outperform all of its performance SUV rivals. Its supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 will develop 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.


Former Apple CEO John Sculley Launches Two Low-Cost Android Smartphones

After failing to win over Indian customers, Obi Worldphone has returned to San Francisco and intends to sell low-cost Android devices to all customers around the world. With a bigger emphasis on design and performance this time, can Obi succeed?


Don't sketch ideas, build them in front of you with this 3D-printing pen

What 3Doodler lacks in precision and practicality, it makes up for with a low learning curve and a ridiculously high fun factor.

  • Pros: Easy, intuitive, and fun to use , Smart, comfortable design…
  • Cons: Lacks the precision of traditional printers , Not…