Microsoft is holding an event on September 30, could Windows 9 be revealed?

Microsoft is holding an event on September 30, the company announced. Could this be where it officially lifts the veil on Windows 9? Learn more here.


DisplayPort 1.3 standard announced, supports 5K displays

4K monitors? That's so 2013. DisplayPort 1.3, which supports displays with resolutions up to 5K, has just been announced. Learn more here.


Windows 9 video of multiple desktop features in use leaks out

This clip gives us a glimpse at Windows 9's multiple desktop feature in action. Learn more here.


The bigger they come, the harder they fall: Our favorite iPhone 6 Plus cases

Apple’s first super-sized smartphone is the iPhone 6 Plus. It may sport “ion-strengthened” glass, but we’re willing to bet a nasty fall will put that durability to the test. It’s time to shop for iPhone 6 Plus cases.


Harmonix is going mobile in multi-game agreement with Tilting Point

Music game developer Harmonix Music Systems (of Amplitude, Guitar Hero and Rock Band fame) has signed a multi-game agreement with mobile publisher Tilting Point.


Spotify Connect makes the jump to Amazon’s Fire TV

Swedish-based Spotify announced today that it has expanded compatibility for its streaming service's Connect feature to allow users to play and control their tunes via Amazon's Fire TV set-top box.

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Destiny review

Destiny is immensely fun to play in the moment, a product of its Halo lineage, but it suffers considerably around the long game due to a lack of tutorializes, some questionable…

  • Pros: Tremendously satisfying shooter gameplay , Vast massively…
  • Cons: Baffling lack of tutorials to explain advanced concepts…

Newly leaked Windows 9 screenshots make multiple references to Cortana

These newly released images imply that Cortana is indeed coming to Windows 9. Learn more here.


BMW’s Formula E i8 may be a ‘connected car,’ but it sure looks slippery in this video

The first FIA Formula E Grand Prix was held over the weekend, and it also served as the debut for two special safety cars. The BMW i3 and i8 were dressed up in official garb for the race, and a telecomm borrowed a Formula E racer to promote its wireless…


Motorola opens up online store in the UK to bypass wireless carriers

Motorola has opened the doors to an online store in the UK, through which it will sell the new, second generation Moto G and Moto X smartphones, plus the Moto 360 smartwatch.


Watch Keanu Reeves avenge his puppy in the first trailer for John Wick

Keanu Reeves plays a hitman who comes out of retirement for revenge on car-stealing, dog-killing criminals in the first trailer for John Wick.


Sprint upgrades its Prepaid service with new data plans

When Sprint launched its Prepaid brand in March, it had one plan with no data and another with 2.5GB of data. Now, Sprint revamped the brand with three new tiered data plans, all with unlimited talk and text.


Digital watermarking is HarperCollins’ new weapon against ebook piracy

HarperCollins and Digimarc join forces to prevent ebook piracy during the distribution of high-profile ebooks to retailers. The invisible watermarks help publishers pinpoint the source of leaks.