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Microsoft’s rumored Surface Mini turns up on Amazon, launch imminent?

There's been plenty of talk about Microsoft entering the mid-size tablet market with a smaller version of its Surface tablet, and with the apparent appearance of the device on Amazon, it seems a launch could be just around the corner.

Huawei Ascend P7 leaked with larger, higher resolution screen, and faster processor

A new leak has given us a peak at Huawei's possible plans for the Ascend P7, its 2014 flagship Android phone. If it's accurate, we should expect a faster processor, and a larger, higher resolution display.

iPhone 6 Rumors and News: Possible iPhone 6 case compared to the iPhone 5S on video

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Leaked iPhone 6 case compared to size of iPhone 5S, Nexus 5, Note 3

Could this be a protective case for the upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6? A video produced by Unbox Therapy shows off the possible form factor of the iPhone 6 and compares it against three popular mobile devices.

Man of Steel sequel reportedly adds Cyborg to the mix

After weeks of testing, Warner Bros. and DC have reportedly cast theater actor Ray Fisher in the role of cybernetic superhero and Justice League member Victor Stone, aka Cyborg.

Who needs a car wash? Nissan’s slippery hydrophobic paint sheds dirt like a duck

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Check out an hour of gameplay from Wolfenstein: The New Order

MachineGames and Bethesda took to Twitch to show off an hour of the upcoming shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order. The game hits PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on May 20, 2014.

Third Eye Crime review

Moonshot Games' debut, Third Eye Crime, is a mixed success, with a tremendous sense of style and a satisfyingly punishing difficulty tempered by ubiquitous and occasionally misleading in-app purchases.

  • Pros: Gorgeous presentation, Cleverly designed puzzles, Level ...
  • Cons: Huge difficulty spikes, Misleading and disruptive IAPs

This portable battery can charge your phone or jumpstart your car

A lot of things seem to be happening on the phone charging front nowadays. Now, JunoPower is presenting a future that’s completely different, one where you can use your charger for something else that’s mobile- your car.

Kawei’s K1 is a glorious – and intentional – Chinese Ford Raptor and Land Rover ripoff

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Low subscriber numbers plague Beats Music

The fledgling music-streaming service hasn had a relatively underwhelming first three months, and while its investors appear to still be on board for the long haul, Beats Music has a tough climb ahead to catch up to the competition.

Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and peers pledge support for OpenSSL

The Linux Foundation has collaborated with major tech companies for a three-year initiative called the “Core Infrastructure Initiative,” which aims to prop up underfunded open-source projects.

Update: Cinetics Axis360 motorized tripod wraps up on Kickstarter, last chance to chip in

The Axis360 from Cinetics is an affordable, compact motorized tripod system that automatically pans, tilts, and slides your camera to create smooth videos and time-lapse photography. It's currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

The 400-HP Dubai Roadster track-car makes the Chevy Camaro Z/28 look like an Escalade

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