Want to know more about your Instagram followers? SocialRank provides the info

SocialRank is an app that lets people track and find out info about who's following them on Twitter, and now it's extended its service to Instagram. This helps brands better segment their followers and customers.

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Kahn Design gives the Defender the chop to make the Flying Huntsman Pickup

British Coach builder Kahn Design has revealed the pickup version of its Land Rover Defender-based Flying Huntsman vehicle. The car retains its original diesel engine, but receives many body modifications, not the least being a truck bed conversion.


These tiny robots can pull over 1,700 times their own weight

A group of mechanical engineers from Stanford University has developed a set of tiny robots capable of lifting/pulling objects hundreds of times their own weight -- including one that can move objects over 1700 times its own weight. That's like you dragging…

Cool Tech

Three years after the announcement of Steam for Linux, the platform is still growing

After three years of working on Steam for Linux, there are over 1100 titles, and a whole lot of momentum, even if SteamOS isn't quite there yet.


ESPN sues Verizon over FiOS custom TV plans

ESPN has decided to back its word from last week and sue Verizon over the latter's FiOS custom TV plan, which allows customers to pick and choose channels. ESPN said ESPN and ESPN 2 cannot be sold separately.

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New rumors about the Tesla home battery’s price and leasing program

There are a few rumors flying around about Tesla's upcoming April 30 announcement, when it's expected to reveal its home battery. The company could lease the battery rather than sell it, according to The Guardian.


Knock, knock. Who's there? If it's you, Sesame will automagically unlock your door

Easy to install and simpler to use, the Sesame Smart Lock fits over any deadbolt and has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options

  • Pros: Easy to install , Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options…
  • Cons: Wi-Fi option costs more

Thermaltake water-cooling radiators wipe the sweat off your computer’s brow

Moving heat from your watercooling loop to the radiator may be a bit easier than usual with Thermaltake's new ranges, which use a high quality brazing technique to improve uniform heat absorption.


Is it Daenerys, or Daeneres? Microsoft Word knows, even if you don’t

Not sure how to spell the name of your favorite Game of Thrones character? That's no problem, as long as you use Microsoft Word. The popular word processor knows most of the series' major characters and locations.


SoloShot2 tripod can be your robot film crew

It's a robot, and unless you hang out with professional cameramen, the SoloShot2 is a way better cameraman than any of your friends. It can track and pan without you available to operate it, and there's even a remote so you can be your own cameraman from a…

Cool Tech

Leaked table of Intel’s sixth-generation processors packs few surprises

While Intel Broadwell chips have barely found their way into the newest PCs, rumors are spreading about the release of their next major chip, Skylake.


Cadillac goes Captain America with the German-fighting 2016 ATS-V

It's no stretch to say that the Cadillac ATS-V is the finest handling Caddy of all time, not to mention downright superior to the offerings from the former Axis powers…

  • Pros: Sublime steering , Magnetic Ride Control suspension…
  • Cons: Underwhelming interior , Slightly passionless on-road feel…

See the minimum system requirements for Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III looks set to be one of the biggest video game releases this year, and now its developers have revealed the official system requirements for its PC release.


Brighter, ‘Colorized’ version of Man Of Steel is a sight for sore eyes (and sad fans)

A team of video editors and designers at VideoLab have "colorized" portions of Zack Snyder's recent Superman reboot Man Of Steel as a lesson in how color grading can affect the tone of a film.

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