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The latest video game reviews, game trailers, and news, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, phone and more

New York Times Crossword logo.

NYT Crossword: answers for Tuesday, July 23

The New York Times crossword puzzle can be tough! If you're stuck, we're here to help with a list of today's clues and answers.
The Mini open in the NYT Games app on iOS.

NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Tuesday, July 23

New York Times' Connection puzzle open in the NYT Games app on iOS.

NYT Connections: hints and answers for Wednesday, July 24

NYT Strands logo.

NYT Strands today: hints, spangram and answers for Wednesday, July 24

Someone playing Wordle on a smartphone.

Wordle Today: Wordle answer and hints for July 24

Custom art in a Steam library.

When is the next Steam sale?

humble games layoffs entire staff lineup

Signalis, Slay the Spire publisher lays off staff amid ‘restructuring’

The Concord cast eating in a diner.

Best characters in Concord

HP Omen 45L sitting on a table.

The popular HP Omen gaming PC has a $700 discount today — 34% off!

The two heroes of Assassin's Creed Shadows stand side by side.

Ubisoft responds to Assassin’s Creed Shadows online backlash

A Game Boy sitting on a white background.

The best Game Boy games of all time

A soldier with a shotgun pointing to shoot in Modern Warfare 3.

Xbox Game Pass is getting its first Call of Duty game

Original Series

Is XDefiant cross-platform?

The latest free-to-play shooter from Ubisoft, XDefiant, needs a healthy player base to survive. You should know if it has cross-progression before starting.
helldivers 2 major update escalation freedom impaler

Helldivers 2’s first major update cranks up the difficulty

Helldivers 2's first major update, Escalation of Freedom, brings a bunch of tougher enemy types, a new difficulty, and more environmental hazards.
Zamboni in The Run: Got Next.

The Run: Got Next is a vibrant spiritual successor to NBA Street

The Run: Got Next is a new cel-shaded street basketball game aiming to be a roguelike spiritual successor to NBA Street.
Samus in Metroid Prime.

The best GameCube games of all time

It's hard to believe Nintendo's box with a handle is nearing its 25th anniversary. As it nears retro status, here are the best Nintendo GameCube games ever made.
Steam Deck held between two hands.

The best handheld gaming PCs you can buy

We've seen a surge in new handheld gaming PCs over the past year, but which should you buy? We've rounded up the best handheld gaming PCs.
Cybertruck in Fortnite.

How to get a Cybertruck in Fortnite

If you want to get your hands on a Cybertruck in Fortnite, you'll need to hop on the game and complete a series of specific quests to work your way to it.
A patron eats a gross soup in Tavern Keeper's cinematic trailer.

If you only play one free Steam SimFest demo, make it this one

Tavern Keeper is the latest game from the developers of Game Dev Tycoon, and you should check out its free demo during Steam's SimFest.
Belle scrolls through her phone in Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero’s 2000s nostalgia is taking me back to simpler times

Zenless Zone Zero may be set in a postapocalyptic futuristic city, but a big part of its appeal is its 2000s style.
A camera photographs a cat in The Star Named Eos.

This hand-drawn puzzle game will show you the power of photography

If you're looking for a great game you can play in one sitting, The Star Named Eos is a heartfelt photography puzzle game that's worth your attention.
Promo art for Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The best Wii games of all time

Nintendo shook up the gaming world with the Wii and its unique control scheme. Here are our picks for the best Wii games.
A PS5 DualSense controller.

PlayStation 6: release date speculation, price, specs, and more

While we don't know when or how the PlayStation 6 will appear, it is almost a certainty that it will. Rumors are already churning about it, so let's dive in.
A Deadpool butt controller next to a Wolverine butt controller. It looks like the Deadpool one except it's yellow and blue.

Wolverine/Deadpool rivarly extends to butt-shaped Xbox controllers

Xbox announced that its Deadpool controller was so popular that it's made a Wolverine one to match.
The pirates stand on the bow of a ship in Skull and Bones key art.

Skull and Bones is getting a second shot on Steam

Ubisoft's MMO Skull and Bones is hitting Steam in August, and it's a surprisingly big deal for a lot of players.
Box art for super mario bros shows fire Mario running.

Nintendo World Championships turned me into a Super Mario Bros. god

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition held its first online tournament this past weekend and it turns out I'm better at Super Mario Bros. than I knew.
Bugs Bunny holding a pie in Multiversus.

Warner Bros. is doubling down on Multiversus

Warner Bros. Games is signaling how much it wants to invest in MultiVersus by acquiring the studio that develops it.
The back of a cybertruck towing something with a chain. It's in a desert with a bright blue sky.

The Cybertruck is coming to Fortnite, so let’s hope it’s better at off-roading there

Epic Games announced that Tesla's Cybertruck is coming to Fortnite this week, but is this the best collaboration for the battle royale?
Terry Bogard holds his hat in a Street Fighter 6 cutscene.

Everything announced at Evo 2024: SNK vs. Capcom, Heihachi in Tekken 8, and more

From SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos to Guilty Gear Strive's Cyberpunk: Edgerunners crossover, here's every important announcement from this year's Evo.
A farm with crops in Stardew Valley on Android.

How to get Ancient Seeds in Stardew Valley

Ancient Seeds are one of the most illusive items in Stardew Valley, but there are ways to find them. Here are the best methods to find these old seeds to grow.
Asus ROG Ally and Steam Deck sitting next to each other.

Asus ROG Ally vs. Steam Deck: here’s how they compare

Both versions of Asus' ROG Ally are here now, so how do they compare to the Steam Deck? We put all three devices head-to-head.
The cover for Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics.

Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection is just the start for Capcom’s retro revivals

We spent an hour with Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics at Evo 2024 and chatted with producer Shuhei Matsumoto about Capcom's next move.
arranger impressions best puzzle games 2024 enemy

This is my favorite puzzle game of the year, and you can play it via Netflix

This has already been a fantastic year for puzzle games, and Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure is one of its best.
A town appears half painted in Ete.

This soothing painting game has serious Bob Ross energy

Été is a soothing painting game that's all about looking at blank canvases as a font of new opportunities.

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