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We put Pokemon Smile face-to-face with kids. They weren’t impressed

Squirtle and Pikachu can only help so much
pokemon smile announcement brush teeth 169
Playstation 4
PC Gaming

AMD vs. Intel

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

World of Warcraft Classic: How to race to level 60 fast

Whether you're going it alone or with a group of old friends, you can make your World of Warcraft Classic leveling experience smoother with a few of these tips.
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Fortnite from Epic Games first arrived on PC in 2017; featuring a mode called Save the World, players could jump online with a group of friends to collect resources, build structures, and defend against waves of zombie-like creatures called Husks. But the game didn’t soar to popularity until the release of its free-to-play mode, Battle […]
Cinematic overlook | Fortnite Chapter 2 First Game

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: Weapons and armor guide

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne gives hunters a myriad of armor and weapon options to take with them on the challenging Master Rank quests.
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How to level grind in Final Fantasy XIV

Leveling in Final Fantasy XIV seems to get easier as the level cap goes higher. With around 25 classes to level up from scratch, we outline the best and worst ways to level up each one fast.
FFXIV how to level grind

Iron Man VR Review: Bringing the summer blockbuster home

Iron Man VR offers a fun movie theater alternative, but it lacks in spectacle
Iron Man VR

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor DLC review: Summer vacation

Pokémon Sword and Shield's DLC first improves the games' open-world experiments
Pokémon Sword and Shields The Isle of Armor DLC

The Last of Us Part II review: A dark masterpiece

This astonishing sequel is faithful to the original, and will leave you feeling gutted more than once.
Last of Us Part 2

The Outer Worlds for Switch review: Port fares poorly

The Outer Worlds is a great RPG, but the game's Nintendo Switch port is the absolute worst way to play it.
the outer worlds switch review

The best PS4 games for May 2020

Thousands of PS4 games are available, but these are the best.
best video game series revivals most anticipated games 2019 devil may cry 5
Best Classic Games

The best NES games of all time

The NES left an indelible mark on pop culture and revolutionized the gaming industry. Check out our picks for the best NES games of all time, whether you prefer an immersive RPG, side-scrolling brawler, or something else entirely.
best nes games ever nintendo entertainment system

How to sync a PlayStation 4 controller

Sony's DualShock 4 controllers for PS4 are some of the best on the market. Here's how to sync them to a PS4.
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim
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All cross-platform games (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC)

A growing number of games support play between competing platforms. Here's our list of games with cross-play.

Xbox One S vs. Xbox One X

Although they play the same games, these consoles couldn't be more different. Here's what you need to know.

The best indie games on Nintendo Switch (July 2020)

Whether you're looking for a new FPS or a complex strategy game, the Switch has an indie title for everyone.

The best multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch (July 2020)

It may not have the most competitive titles, but co-op players have a vast library of games to choose from.

The most common Xbox One problems, and how to fix them

The Xbox One has evolved over the years, but so have its problems. Thankfully, we have solutions for them.

The best Flash games

Instead of scrolling through social media, you could check out a Flash game inside your favorite browser. From recent cult classics to fan remakes, there are plenty of great games to choose from.
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