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Best board game deals: 7 Wonders, Clue, Codenames, and more

A group of people play the 7 Wonders board game.
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Some days, it can feel like board games are the only remaining way for adults to play in a thoughtful, engaging manner that don’t involve a computer or phone. They can, depending on the game, also be great for children and overall encourage a great sense of social communication in the land of the physical. Unfortunately, those physical components can be quite expensive and it isn’t rare to find some of the best board games selling for $40, $50, or even more. But board gamers are tactics masters and know the art of holding off and striking when the time is right. For the purchasing of board games, that means waiting for board game deals to come around before making a purchase.

The following deals are divided into the two categories of under $25 and over $25, as that is a dividing line for many people in terms of what they’re willing to pay for a game. However, a deeper look will see the following deals provide games across different genres, complexities, and age ranges. You’ll find everything from casual party games to real brain burners. Enjoy.

Best board game deals under $25

Railroad Ink: Shining Yellow Edition image, showing the game's unique dice.

In the under $25 category, we found a fun mix of classics and new titles worth looking at. While titles like Operation and Jenga need no introduction, there are some emerging titles worthy of a more thorough introduction:

If you’re mostly into party games, for example, don’t count out Codenames, which has to be one of the quickest growing word games in recent history. By giving clues, players eliminate and deduce from a pile of 25 words, leaving only the key targets behind. Plus, while their might be a set number of players for the game’s rules, in practice as many people can play as you desire. It’s perfect for groups of indeterminate size. Even more consistent gamers might need an explanation of Railroad Ink Challenge: Shining Yellow Edition, a cozy railroad game. There are a ton of different Railroad Ink editions, but which one is this one? It, like all of the games, includes the base game, but also includes the ability to build your roads and rails around cactuses and canyons with special runs, plus it includes the Rivers and Lakes base game expansion inside.

In any event, here’s all the deals:

  • Clue: Ghost of Mrs. White —
  • Codenames —
  • Railroad Ink Challenge: Shining Yellow Edition —
  • Operation —
  • Point Salad —
  • Jenga —
  • 7 Wonders Duel —

Other board game deals we recommend

The Ark Nova board game box, surrounded by components.

As we get to games $25 and over, the tone shifts a bit and (generally speaking) the games become more serious. There are components everywhere and things to track at every stage of the game. One game that doesn’t fit this mold, however, is Marvel Splendor, which takes the classic jewel mining collection game and gives it a Marvel spin. It’s perfect for getting your Marvel-addicted preteen into the board gaming hobby and teaching them a bit of strategy and long-term planning as well. Or, you know, give it to a Marvel fan that also loves good board games. Here’s a list of all of the good deals at this level:

  • Marvel Splendor —
  • 7 Wonders —
  • Lost Ruins of Arnak —
  • Parks —
  • Ark Nova —

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