Karma Automotive wants to make its cars sound like movie special effects

The 2020 Karma Revero GT will have a unique sound to warn pedestrians. Karma is taking advantage of flexibility in regulations that require electric cars and hybrids to emit noises.
karma automotive electric cars will have signature sound 2020 revero gt

Toyota uses hydrogen fuel cells to power one of its Japanese factories

Toyota took components from its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car and used them to make a generator to power one of its factories. If testing goes well, Toyota plans to add hydrogen power at more factories.
toyota uses hydrogen fuel cells to power a factory cell generator

Tesla’s Elon Musk praises Daimler for joining the EV revolution

Tesla CEO Elon Musk praised German automaker Daimler over Twitter for its choice to end the development of combustion engines to focus on electric vehicles

2020 Cadillac CT4 gets turbo-four power, Super Cruise tech

The 2020 Cadillac CT4 joins the larger CT5 sedan in Cadillac's ever-evolving lineup. Highlights include available Super Cruise driver-assist tech and a V-Series performance model.
2020 cadillac ct4 photos and specs