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Best Prime Day Deals: What to expect from the October event

Prime Day graphic with multiple products.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is coming everyone! Wait, didn’t we already have a Prime Day event earlier this year? We sure did. Astute observers will note that this is the second major Prime event for 2022, this time positioned much closer to the holidays. While it isn’t officially being called “Prime Day,” it’s basically a second version of the original event, allowing you yet more opportunities to grab whatever your little heart desires, at an excellent price. So, if you’ve been on the fence about upgrading your TV, grabbing a new game console, nabbing some well-priced home goods, or any variation of online shopping — now’s a perfect time!

Announced for October 11 and 12, the event is being called the Amazon Prime Early Access sale. Much like the original event in July, this one will feature a host of amazing and never-before-seen deals with Amazon Prime members getting the biggest and best offers, including early access to holiday sale prices. If you’re just now hearing about it, or you already know it’s coming and want to know a little more about the event, keep reading!

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s own version of Black Friday, exclusively for subscribers to its Amazon Prime membership. The event, which will last 48 hours, or two full days, brings discounts on everything from household essentials like coffee beans and diapers to must-have tech like iPads and 4K TVs. There are always a variety of deals available, such as hourly offers — called Lightning Deals — in limited quantities. In other words, this is a first-come, first-served affair with some Amazon Prime deals going out of stock in minutes.

Nothing is really off the table during Prime Day round 2, or Prime Day Early Access, with Amazon and other retailers slashing prices on everything from clothing and furniture to home appliances and office essentials. Naturally, the biggest stars of the show (and the ones we’re most interested in) are the discounts on expensive electronics, which make up the bulk of the best Prime Day deals and are the ones for which you want to keep your eyes peeled. It’s really going to be a great opportunity to upgrade your home theater and other prominent electronics for incredible prices, ahead of the holidays!

If it runs on electricity, then it’s likely to feature heavily among the Prime Day deals. This isn’t to say every single item from every single brand will be on sale, but as far as product categories go, you can expect to see worthy Prime Day deals on whatever you’re looking for. That includes laptops, video games, game consoles, smart TVs, kitchen appliances, streaming devices, headphones, speakers, mobile devices — you name it. For techies like us, Prime Day is practically Christmas in October.

When was Amazon Prime Day 2022?

The original Amazon Prime Day 2022, or the big one rather, was back in July. You may remember seeing or hearing callouts that it’s like Black Friday or Christmas in July! Well, once you know when the event takes place, that sure makes a lot of sense. Rest assured, Prime Day will likely still remain in July for the years ahead.

This sale, called Prime Day Early Access, is yet another members-only event taking place in October. The idea is to allow holiday shoppers, who want to get in their buys early, every opportunity to capitalize on some excellent discounts.

Is there a second Prime Day in October?

Yes, having been officially announced, Amazon Prime Early Access — a second members-only event — will be taking place on two days from October 11 to 12. We don’t know for sure what will be on sale, but the event is going to be big, so there will be lots and lots of discounts, and undoubtedly there will be an offer for everyone — if you want it, it’s probably going to be on sale. Stay tuned for more details on the event as we get closer, but for now just keep an eye on whatever it is you want, from TVs to toys and beyond, and be ready for those prices to drop.

We recommend adding any items you’re thinking about buying to a wishlist so you can check back later during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale. Of course, we’ll be sharing some of the biggest and best deals here too, but it’s always a good idea to bookmark the products you want, especially so you can check prices later.

Is Prime Day and Prime Day Early Access only for Prime members?

There aren’t many internet holidays more anticipated and more celebrated than Amazon’s annual Prime Day, and Prime Day Early Access falls in line with that. But what if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member? All is not lost because this year you can sign up for Amazon Prime and take advantage of all of the sweet Prime Day deals for our favorite price: free.

Prime Day Early Access is an event designed to reward Prime members for their loyalty and to become a Prime member, customers have the option to pay $139 annually or $15 monthly. Amazon Prime members receive several enticing benefits as part of their memberships, including same-day, one-day, and two-day delivery on millions of items; two-hour grocery delivery; unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video; unlimited access to Amazon Prime Music; savings on prescriptions; and Amazon’s Try Before You Buy service, which allows you to try on fashion items before you buy them and only pay for the items you decide to keep.

The list of Prime benefits goes on and on, but one of the biggest benefits is the opportunity to shop Amazon’s annual Prime Day event. So here’s how to score an Amazon Prime Membership for 30 days for absolutely free: just sign up. That’s literally it. All you have to do is head to Amazon’s site and put in your credit card info to set up your trial membership. This promotion is available to those who have either never been a Prime member or have not had a membership in the last 12 months. Word to the wise: If you don’t want to keep your membership after the trial period ends, make sure you set a reminder for yourself to cancel it.

Now, let’s say you’re a college student. Your lucky day just got a little bit luckier, because Amazon offers a free six-month Amazon Prime student trial. As long as you are enrolled in at least one class at a college institution within the United States or Puerto Rico and have an email address that ends in .edu, you qualify. Once the student trial ends, if you decide that you want to hang on to your membership, you get discounted Prime membership rates. You can either pay $7.49 per month or $69 annually, and you get that rate locked in for four years.

Whether or not you’re currently a Prime Member, there’s definitely a way for you to take advantage of all the sweet deals coming during the Prime Early Access sale. Sign up for your free trial now and save big on October 11 and 12.

Do other retailers have Prime Day Early Access deals?

Yes and no. Officially, Prime Day Early Access is exclusive to Amazon, but many other retailers also run their own concurrent sales to steal some of Amazon’s thunder. Last year, Walmart ran a huge “Days of Deals” sale alongside Prime Day, to name just one example, and other tech-focused online retailers such as Best Buy and Newegg aren’t shy about getting in on the action, either. Target is another one worth mentioning, and it’s a good place to check out during Prime Day Early Access if you want to save on items like clothes and home essentials, although it sells plenty of electronics, too.

Really, though, if you’re only going to shop one site during Prime Day Early Access, then you can’t beat Amazon. The other retailers run sales pretty regularly year-round, including during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as holidays like Labor Day and Fourth of July — but Prime Day only comes once a year, and it only happens officially on Amazon. That, in our experience, is where you’ll always find the best Prime Day deals. In July, we saw some amazing Prime Day Smart Home deals, TV discounts, small electronics deals, and much more. Many of those offers are going to return for the Early Access sale, and may even be better!

If you have the opportunity to take advantage of a free Prime trial, then Prime Day is the perfect time to do it. But even if you end up paying for a Prime membership, that in itself is not a bad deal considering that it gives you access not only to Prime Day deals but also to a huge catalog of music, shows, movies, e-books, free games each month, free two-day shipping, and more. Since you can cancel at any time, you can always just pay for one month of Prime in July and then end your membership after Prime Day if you end up deciding that you’re not getting enough value out of it.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

This new event creates a lot of burning questions, but none more relevant than this: When is Amazon Prime Day 2023? Is it going away or changing because of the Amazon Prime Early Access sale?

The short answer is that no, nothing is changing. Most likely, Amazon will be hosting the usual Prime Day event in July 2023, so the big sale will be back again next year bigger and better than ever. After that, no one truly knows, but if the Prime Early Access sale does well, we could see it make a comeback next year, as well. For now, just stay tuned, keep an eye out for some great deals, and if you’re not already an Amazon Prime member you should get that sorted and sign up.

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