Microsoft is no stranger to computers. The company has come a long way since ‘75 and now creates a range of products and services that span the entire spectrum of consumer tech. Whether you’re a fan of Microsoft Office or the latest from the Surface product family, chances are you’ve used a Microsoft product at one point or another. To help you make sense of the company’s many projects and endeavors, we’ve curated a hub that houses the latest news, reviews, and Microsoft-related tutorials. Windows was only the beginning, after all.

Here’s everything you need to know about Xbox achievements

Xbox achievements are good for more than just bragging rights. Here's everything there is to know about them.
xbox achievements everything you need to know achievement

How to transfer your Xbox One data

Transferring your games and settings to a new Xbox One is easy, even if you don't have an external hard drive.
Xbox One X review both

Surface Pro 6 vs. Surface Go

The Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Go target two different use cases, but which model is right for your needs?

How to gameshare on an Xbox One

Gamesharing on Xbox One will let you share most of your digital game library with a friend. However, you'll have to give away some secure info to make it work.
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