Microsoft is no stranger to computers. The company has come a long way since ‘75 and now creates a range of products and services that span the entire spectrum of consumer tech. Whether you’re a fan of Microsoft Office or the latest from the Surface product family, chances are you’ve used a Microsoft product at one point or another. To help you make sense of the company’s many projects and endeavors, we’ve curated a hub that houses the latest news, reviews, and Microsoft-related tutorials. Windows was only the beginning, after all.

The best Xbox 360 games backward compatible on Xbox One

The Xbox One supports backward compatibility with a growing library of Xbox 360 games. These are the best Xbox 360 games that are backward compatible with Xbox One, including action games, shooters, and more.
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The best free video-editing software for 2019

Video-editing software doesn't have to cost you a paycheck and a half. Here is some of the best free video-editing software for making quick and extensive edits so you can channel your inner Hollywood director.
youtube shuttering video editor editing

Xbox Game Pass will soon add Final Fantasy games from VII to XV

Microsoft will add 10 Final Fantasy titles to Xbox Game Pass in 2020, from Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy XV.

The best Xbox One exclusives you can get right now

Xbox One has a prestigious collection of handpicked titles that you can't play on other consoles. Here are the latest and greatest Xbox One exclusives, including some that are also available on PC
Gears of War 4

The best 2-in-1 laptops

best 2-in-1 laptops

How to resize an image

how to resize an image