Michael Archambault

Michael Archambault

Michael Archambault is a technology blogger and photographer based out of Long Island, New York; he has worked for a variety of publications and networks including Mobile Nations, Amazon’s DPReview, PetaPixel, and LifeWire. Michael has also served numerous times as a guest correspondent on the BBC’s WorldNews service. Attracted by the magic of technology and the promise of the future, Michael enjoys channeling his passion through writing, finding delight in sharing technology with those around him.

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Get ready for new AirPods, MacBooks as rumored dates for Apple WWDC 2019 emerge

Apple developers and fans alike look forward, every year, to the company's World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC, and for this year, we already have the rumored dates that might bring us Apple's latest tech announcements.

Microsoft security chief outlines perils of continuing to use Internet Explorer

Has anyone ever suggested that you stop using Internet Explorer and move onto a better web browser? Now, even Microsoft's Worldwide Lead for Cybersecurity wants you to stop using the old solution, citing poor support for modern web…

Flickr to drop the ax on free users, will begin deleting old photos in March

With SmugMug's acquisition of the photo-sharing site Flickr, the company announced that free users would be losing 1TB of storage, being limited to 1,000 photos. Soon, the company will begin deleting photos of users who are over the limit.

Hacker discovers a MacOS exploit that is able to access system passwords

A new exploit for MacOS, known as KeySteal, was discovered by a security researcher. The hack can extract passwords and other information from MacOS' Keychain without requiring any form of permission or administrator authentication.

Snatch up Apple’s latest and lightest 12-inch MacBook for $300 off

Are you looking for a great deal on Apple's 12-inch 2017 MacBook? If you're hunting down a great thin-and-light notebook, both B&H and Amazon are offering the lightest laptops in Apple's lineup for $300 off.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser preview to be available as separate download

Microsoft fans looking to get their hands on the latest iteration of the Edge browser, based on Google's Chromium project, will be able to do so without being a part of the Windows Insider Program.