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Michael Archambault

Michael Archambault

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Michael Archambault is a technology writer and digital marketer located in Long Island, New York. For the past decade, Michael has covered the consumer technology space, reporting on the latest industry offerings while crafting comprehensive how-to guides, hands-on-reviews, and opinion-editorials. Michael has worked for's DPReview, Mobile Nations' Windows Central, onMSFT, PetaPixel, Dotdash’s Lifewire, and Gadget Review.

A person holding a phone with the Instagram app open on it.

How to deactivate your Instagram account (or delete it)

Need to shut down your Instagram account for a spell? We’ll teach you how to complete your account’s deactivation.
Thermal paste application on CPU.

How to apply and clean off thermal paste

If you're building a PC, you'll need to apply thermal paste to keep your CPU running cool. Here's how to apply new and clean off old thermal paste from your PC.
A close-up of someone using Microsoft Teams on a laptop for a videoconference.

The most common Microsoft Teams problems and how to fix them

Microsoft Teams serves as a vital link for businesses and organizations that helps ensure seamless communication. Here's how to fix some common problems.
External Devices with iOS

How to use external storage with an iPhone or iPad

Learn how to access files on external storage devices, such as thumb drives, hard drives, or card readers, with your iPad or iPhone.
A smartphone sitting on a wooden table, showing the Gmail app's inbox on its screen.

How to find archived emails in Gmail and return them to your inbox

If you’ve sent your Gmail messages to the archive and now have no idea where they went, here's how to access them and even return them back to your inbox.
The Vizio OLED 4K HDR TV in living room.

How to connect Alexa to your TV for smart voice control

Alexa is a powerful smart assistant that can even control your TV. Here's how to connect Alexa to your smart TV, set-top box, or streaming device.
How to download movies and TV shows from Apple TV+ for offline viewing

How to download movies and shows from Apple TV+

Apple TV+ offers a collection of great TV shows and movies to watch, but can you download them to watch later? Yes, you can, and we'll show you how to do it.
montblanc mb01 headphones review 7

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS5

Your PlayStation 5 is ready to go, but you want to connect your Bluetooth headphones, but how? We show you how to set up your favorite headphones with your PS5.
iPhone 12 Mini

How to clear ‘Other’ storage/system data on an iPhone

If your iPhone’s storage has been consumed by content mysteriously labeled as Other, we’ll show you how to take care of it and reclaim your device’s space.
Tik Tok

How to go live on TikTok (and can you with under 1,000 followers?)

TikTok allows you to broadcast yourself live to the community. Here's how to go live on TikTok in a few short taps.
The Netflix logo is displayed on a TV screen while red lights illuminate the wall behind.

The most common Netflix problems and how to fix them

Want to binge the newest season of your favorite show but Netflix isn't working? Here's how to fix the most common Netflix problems that keep you from watching.
asus chromebook c523 amazon deals lifestyle

The most common Google Meet problems and how to fix them

Are you having issues when attempting to create or join a Google Meet video call? Here's how to handle some of the most common ones so you can get connected.
A person photographed with iPhone 11's portrait mode.

How to blur a background in photos

Wondering how to blur a background in your photos? We’ll show you how to quickly and easily make your photographs look great on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
Xbox Series X Stylized Graphic

Xbox Series X vs. Series S

Are you having trouble deciding between the Xbox Series X and Series S? We take a look at these fourth-generation game consoles from Microsoft to find the best.
ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 sitting on a desk in a classroom.

The best Chromebook for students for 2023

Are you searching for the best Chromebook for students? Here, we consider factors critical to students, like battery and portability, giving you our top picks.
Spotify app library screen.

How to make and edit playlists in Spotify

Do you want to learn how to make a playlist in Spotify? We show you how to create and manage Spotify playlists so you can jam out to your favorite songs.
An Amazon Echo in living room.

The best Alexa commands

Unboxed an Amazon Echo and looking for the best Alexa commands? Learn how you can utilize your new virtual assistant to its full potential with our guide.
Apple TV Gaming

The best Apple TV games you need to play

The App Store on Apple TV is loaded with first-person shooters, puzzle games, platform adventures, and more. These are the best games on Apple TV right now.
Samsung Pay

How to use Samsung Pay

Just picked up a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or wearable that supports Samsung Pay? We show you how to set up the service and use it for easy mobile payments.
HBO Max Home Theater TV

How to delete an HBO Max user profile

HBO Max is a robust service, with plenty of great content. If you need to delete a user profile to make room for another, here's how to do so.
Destiny 2 Beyond Light

How to transfer your Destiny 2 account to Steam

Have you transfered your Destiny 2 account to Steam? You can no longer access Destiny 2 via, so you’ll need to follow these steps to keep gaming.
Apple AirPods Pro in a person's ear.

How to get Siri to automatically read your incoming messages aloud

Ever since the release of iOS 13, Siri has been able to automatically read your incoming messages aloud from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to headphones.
Amazon Echo Dot deal for Black Friday 2020

How to connect your Alexa-enabled device to Wi-Fi

Whether you just purchased a brand-new Alexa-enabled device or you're moving it to another network, connecting it to Wi-Fi is easy. Our guide shows you how.
Apple AirPods Max

AirPods vs. AirPods Max

When pitted against each other, which reigns supreme? We take a close look at Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Max to determine which pair of headphones is best.
HBO Max on Vizio SmartCast.

How to turn off subtitles in HBO Max

HBO Max allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies from WarnerMedia’s vast media library. Here’s how to turn closed captions on or off when watching.
amazon kindle

How to borrow e-books from your public library

You don't need to leave the house to visit the library anymore. We show you how to borrow e-books for free from your public library and read them on any device.
galaxy s20 ultra tips tricks settings 108mp

Common Samsung Galaxy S20 problems and how to fix them

Having an issue with your Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, or S20 Ultra? We take a look at some of the most common problems and teach you how to deal with them.
Best Active: Nomad Active Rugged Case

Best leather iPhone 11 Pro cases and covers

From synthetic leather cases to genuine handcrafted leather wallets, check out our picks of the best leather iPhone 11 Pro cases to keep your phone safe.
The Microsoft Office app on PC.

How much is Microsoft Office?

Looking to obtain a copy of Microsoft Office? There are multiple versions of the office suite. Learn which version is best for you and how much each costs.
audible free trial

What is Audible? Amazon’s audiobook service explained

Audible is an Amazon company that sells and produces audiobooks. Read to learn more about Audible, how much the service costs, and what you get for your money.
Woman Checking Her Email

How to stop your emails from being tracked, and preserve your privacy

Did you know that your email can be tracked using what is known as an image pixel? We'll show you how to keep your email private and secure your digital life.
MacOs Big Sur

The most common MacOS Big Sur problems and how to fix them

Are you having trouble with MacOS Big Sur (MacOS 11)? Here are the most common problems, issues, and bugs you may face, along with how to fix them with ease.
Huawei P40 Pro Screen

Huawei P40 Pro vs. Huawei P30 Pro: Which is more Pro?

Huawei’s P40 Pro smartphone is here, but the P30 Pro still stands as a device with a stunning camera. With the new release, which option is better for you?
ipad pro perfects 2 in 1 that microsoft invented 2020

How to connect a mouse to your iPad

Instead of using your finger, you can pair a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad to navigate your iPad. Here's how to connect a mouse or trackpad in a few easy steps.