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Is there a Spotify free trial? Get Spotify Premium for free

There are a ton of music streaming apps, and it seems like another one pops up every year . In this broad and competitive field, a few names stand taller above the rest, and none may be taller than Spotify. In fact, only Apple Music can truly compare, as it’s the only music streaming app that outpaces Spotify in the United States, although Spotify is still the king worldwide. If you’re interested in giving one of the best music streaming services a try and are curious to know if there’s a Spotify free trial (or other ways to save), then keep reading.

Is there a Spotify free trial?

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A basic Spotify membership is free, but new subscribers can get a Spotify free trial for the Premium membership. Spotify Premium gives you access to all the streaming features that Spotify has to offer, such as on-demand playback, ad-free listening for the entire catalog, and offline listening. Spotify Premium is priced similarly to its two biggest competitors, Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, at $10 per month.

Your premium Spotify free trial is automatically started when you sign up, and it lasts for 30 days. That’s a full month to stream any song or podcast you like to your heart’s content with no ads; after the trial period, your membership reverts to the free tier unless you decide to upgrade to Spotify Premium. Only then will you be required to enter your payment information, so there’s no need to make a note to cancel Spotify Premium to stop it from renewing.

Can you get Spotify for free?

Yep, anybody can sign up for Spotify totally free — no credit card or other payment information required. Only Spotify Premium is the paid membership tier. As you’d expect, your free Spotify membership has some limitations: On-demand listening for specific tracks is limited on the mobile app (although fully available in your web browser), you can only listen to full albums on shuffle, you can only skip a limited number of tracks per hour, and you have to deal with ads.

However, there may be ways to get Spotify Premium free if you look around. Spotify is, after all, the most popular music streaming service in the world, and third parties often team up with Spotify to offer free Premium memberships (or at least an extended free trial period) under certain circumstances. Right now, for instance, you can get a three-month Spotify free trial for the Premium membership when you sign up and use PayPal when you enter your payment information.

Service providers such as cellular network operators, ISPs, and live TV streaming services may also include free Spotify Premium memberships with select plans. Keep your eyes open for deals like that to get Spotify free, even if only for a number of months. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have all been known to offer this as a perk, and Walmart bundles a free six-month subscription with all Walmart+ memberships. Meanwhile, Starbuck offers its employees a free Premium account.

Are there any Spotify deals?

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Spotify Premium rings in at $10 per month if you decide to pay monthly. However, you can save $20 by opting to pay upfront for an annual membership, which costs $100. That basically gets you two months of Spotify Premium for free. There are some other ways to save on Spotify Premium, as well: The $13/month Premium Duo plan lets you have two users on your account, which is $7 cheaper than buying two individual Premium memberships. And for $16 per month, the Premium Family plan lets you have six users on your account. That’s a lot cheaper than paying for six Spotify Premium memberships! Finally, students enrolled at an accredited higher education institution can get a 50% discount on Spotify Premium, bringing it down to just $5 per month.

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Is there a Showtime free trial?

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