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How to install RAM

Sometimes, all you need to make your PC feel like it's brand new is a new RAM kit. In this guide, here's how to install RAM step by step.
2 hours ago

How to overclock your graphics card GPU

With graphics card prices still over inflated, overclocking your graphics card can be one way to extend the life of your current system. But how do you overclock your GPU? With a few tools and patience, it's easier than you think.
2 hours ago
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How to reset a PS5

No matter if you want to sell, trade in, or just troubleshoot your PlayStation 5, our guide will help you figure out how to reset your PS5 quickly and easily.

How to factory reset an Echo Dot

Need to get rid of an old Echo Dot? Here's our quick and easy guide on how to successfully factory reset your speaker and get it ready for sale or trade-in.
The 3rd-generation Amazon Echo Dot on a wooden surface.