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Genshin Impact: complete Impact Energy Amplifier event guide

Here's how to enable co-op, find all the Mutation Stone locations, and which characters you should use across the Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier event.
4 hours ago
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How to clean your computer monitor

Sometimes your computer monitor gets dirty. Here are tips on how to clean your screen and keep it clean. The vital element in monitor cleaning is patience.
1 day ago
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How to convert MOV files to MP4

MOV files are a useful but outdated format and may not play as well outside of MacOS devices. Here's how to convert them into a much more playable format: MP4.

What iPhone do I have? How to find out your iPhone model number

Identifying your iPhone model is simple. Recent models let you check in settings. For earlier models, you can check the model number on the back of your phone.
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