How-To Guides

How to convert a Kindle book to PDF

Amazon locks its Kindle e-books to its Kindle devices, but there's a way to convert these files to read them as PDFs. This guide shows you how using free tools.

How to use the new Disney Plus GroupWatch mode

You can watch the same show or movie on Disney+ with up to seven of your friends.
how to use the new disney plus groupwatch feature

Fortnite challenge guide: How to complete the third birthday challenges

In celebration of Fortnite's third birthday, Epic Games has added new birthday challenges that will reward you with goodies. Here's how to complete them all.

How to pre-order the PlayStation 5

The PS5 is coming in November, and as excitement grows, consumers are awaiting the ability to pre-order. Here's what you need to know about PS5 pre-orders.
xbox series x vs ps5 and d