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Cockpit in spaceship from Starfield.

How to set a course in Starfield

There are hundreds of planets across dozens of solar systems in Starfield. Setting a course is the fastest way to get to your objective, so here's how to do it.
Someone typing on a MacbBook

Here’s how to unlock a keyboard that’s locked

A locked keyboard can be a major inconvenience as we rely on keyboards to operate our PCs and laptops. Here's a guide to how to unlock a keyboard that's locked.
A person using a laptop while lounging on a couch.

How to password-protect an Excel file

Sending Excel files containing crucial financial and business data has risks. To add a layer of protection, you should learn to password protect an Excel file.
A person using MS Word.

How to delete a page in Word in 3 easy steps

If you need to know how to delete a page in Word, this guide will show you tricks for deleting pages at the end, in the middle, and anywhere else.
iPhone 14 Pro Max in hand.

iPhone error 4013: what it is and how to fix it

It may seem scary at first, but iPhone error 4013 is a fairly simple problem to fix. Here's what you need to do when it strikes your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
The Apple Watch SE 2 ready to pair with a phone.

How to back up your Apple Watch: everything you need to know

If you're wondering how to back up your Apple Watch, then we have the answers you need in this guide. Learn how to back up or restore an Apple Watch.
Apple AirPods Pro 2 next to first-gen AirPods Pro.

How to replace lost or broken AirPods, AirPods Pro, or cases

Apple's AirPods are some of the best true wireless earbuds around. But they're easy to damage or lose. Here's how to replace a single AirPod or a charging case.
Man in front of iMac.

How to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac

Need to review your Wi-Fi password on a macOS system? Here's how to find it quickly on a Mac so you can make sure it's the right password, update it, and more.
How to zip a file in Windows 10

How to open RAR files

No matter which operating system you use, there are a few ways to gain access to RAR archives. Here's how you can open RAR files on both Windows and macOS.
Meta Quest 2 makes virtual reality affordable

How to connect an Oculus Quest 2 to a PC

Need to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to a PC? No problem. In this guide, you'll learn about two methods, using either a wired or wireless connection.
A man walking into a dusty town on another planet in starfield.

How to clear a bounty in Starfield

Getting in trouble with the law can result in major consequences in Starfield. To avoid doing any jail time, you will want to know how to pay off your bounty.
Key art for Starfield

How to change your appearance in Starfield

Tired of looking at the same face after spending so long in Starfield? You don't have to start a new game to change your appearance. Here's how to do it.
The login screen for the Threads desktop website.

How to use Meta Threads on the web

Meta's newest social media platform, Threads, is now available on the web. Here's how to access it, what to expect, and how to use it.
A circular ring lockpick game in Starfield.

How to lockpick in Starfield

Locks will prevent you from entering many areas and looting a ton of containers. If you want to crack them with ease, here's how to lockpick in Starfield.
A halfling playing an instrument to a large badger.

How to use non-lethal attacks in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you want to play as a pacifist, or would just rather spare someone your wrath in Baldur's Gate 3, you will need to learn how to use non-lethal attacks.
Using Windows 11 copilot to summarize a document.

How to use Microsoft Copilot in Teams, Powerpoint, Excel, and more

Microsoft Copilot is available through Microsoft 365 and Windows 11 now. Here's how to use it, and what you can do with the feature.
Android Apps on Windows 11.

How to install Android apps on Windows 11

Windows 11 supports Android apps through the Amazon Appstore, but getting everything set up is tricky. Here's how to install Android apps on Windows 11.
The image background remover feature from iOS 16 being used on a photo of a dog.

How to use iOS 16 photo cutout to cut and paste images

One of the most impressive new features in iOS 16 is the ability to lift the subject from a photo without the background. Here's how to do this.
Notifications on an iPhone with iOS 16.

How to move notifications to the top on iOS 16’s lock screen

If you are not a fan of the change and want to view each notification separately on the lock screen, we have good news for you.

How to measure your PC’s power use, and why it matters

Prepping for an upgrade or fretting over your power bill? Our guide will tell you how to measure your PC or laptop's power use, and why it matters.
Emoji reactions on Google Messages running on OnePlus 11.

How to get new emojis on your iPhone or Android device

We all use and love emojis. But how do you know if you have all of the latest ones? Here's how to get new emojis on your iPhone or Android device.
the best home printers

How to find your printer IP address and WPS PIN

You might need your printer's IP address or WPS PIN to update firmware, check ink levels, or connect to Wi-Fi. We help you find that network data.
A spacecraft in Starfield.

How to board enemy ships in Starfield

Being a space pirate is a dream for many of us. Rather than blast all your precious loot to bits, make sure you learn how to board enemy ships in Starfield.
An astronaut stands on the moon in Starfield.

How to fast travel in Starfield

Your ship has the ability to travel faster than light in Starfield, but you can fast travel in an instant once you know how. Here are the two ways to do it.
A space explorer stands in front of a mountain range in Starfield.

How to favorite weapons in Starfield

Starfield doesn't offer a traditional weapon-swapping method, so you'll have to set up your frequently used weapons in the favorites menu to quickly swap between them.
Spaceship on planet in Starfield.

How to land on planets in Starfield

Are you stuck in orbit trying to get to the planet's surface in Starfield? We'll talk you through the landing protocols so you can land safely on the surface.
Close up of various Google app icons including Google, Gmail, and Maps.

How do I recover my Gmail account?

Forgot your Gmail Password? Can't sign in to your Google account? We'll show you a few methods you can use to recover your Google account!
People watching football on a wall-mounted Vizio 50-inch Class V-Series Smart TV.

How to wall mount a TV

Need some help installing your new TV? Our handy guide includes an informational video on how to wall mount a TV, along with other tips and tricks.
Hand holding up WD Black SSD.

SSD not showing up in Windows? Here are some easy fixes

When your SSD doesn't show up in Windows, it can be particularly annoying. Fortunately, there are number of ways to fix it. Here's how.
The Blink Outdoor 4 installed on a fence

How to set up Privacy Zones on Blink cameras

Only a few Blink cameras support Privacy Zones, but setting them up is surprisingly easy. Here's how to get Privacy Zones working on your camera.
A beach scene on a Samsung S95C OLED TV.

How to update software on a Samsung smart TV

Keeping your Samsung smart TV software up to date ensures you're getting the best performance from your set. Here are a few ways to find and install updates.
A cave entrance in Sea of Stars

How to get the Abacus and see enemy health bars in Sea of Stars

You can't see the health bars of your foes automatically in Sea of Stars, but you can snag an accessory that will make it possible. Here's where to find it.
Zale and Valere from Sea of Stars

How to change the difficulty in Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars doesn't use a traditional difficulty system, so you'll need to interact with its in-game Relics to design an experience that works best for you.
A woman sitting on a couch, wearing airpods and holding and looking at a smartphone.

How to download music from YouTube

We'll show you how to download music from YouTube via two different options. Just proceed with caution, as downloading music from YouTube can come with risks.